Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can't Tell Me Nothing

I gotta stack money cuz I wanna buy my way to heaven

how can I b holy when I only live by the devil's presence

i know I deserve to burn in hell cuz I'm livin' full of sin

did things aint need to but when do I testify and where to begin?

mama try to raise me right but I was in denial and kept adament

i swore I aint hear shit cuz I was dreaming and it was silent

back then I was just a kid who thought I knew everything

these days I just want her so I can have my own dream team

told Azri the day i am ready to b a rapper i'll dissapear

do my shit n dun call it a come back cuz i just re-appear

I live by the word and more than willing to die by the sword

don't call me crazy but self satisfaction is the greatest reward

I am more than willing to die for those I call my homie

"How many gonna do the same for you", Aimi showed reality

if the devil wears prada, will people rock Voyeurizm?

I just wanna be in all white marching straight to heaven

Monday, September 24, 2007

Voyeurizm Ad At Echo Park, Pavillion, KL

Ari Gold, comment please

he seems to be too busy to answer, sighh...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Voyeurizm Billboard Pic


What you might see there is a billboard with the Voyeurizm advertisement.

You may want to know what is Voyeurizm. Voyeurizm is a apparel brand by Voyeur Records. As a start, we are collaborating with Echo Park. Our few products that will be in store are 1 eye cap and logo tee (as seen in Ipoh Mali video). Please be advised that more will be coming. Buy it as it will worth your money.

For further information Pavilion KL, click here.

Nice Supper with Home Boy

affect of work (typing too much)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

L.A.Boyz, now known as Machi

LA Boyz - Go Posse

L.A.Boyz - 跳 Jump

now they are known as Machi after they have decided to make a come back. well they got me to dance in high school :P after watched this on, man I miss all my homeboys that I lost contact with ... sigh....

Billboard Pic

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Voyeurizm, it's HERE

Voyeurizm One Eye fitted cap

Voyeur Records is collaborating with Echo Park to release our very own, yes.. i said OWN, SELF, brand and will be sold at each and every Echo Park outlet in Malaysia, yes... that includes the logo tee as seen in Ipoh Mali video.

Every design will be sold in limited copies. This means all our item have the rights to be called LIMITED.

Expected release date is 15 Sept. 2007.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Point performing in MCA Show

Sweet 16

I am writting a 16 to let you I have you on my mind

baby press rewind if you forget the good times

are you gonna deny that we have the chemistry?

i don't blame any1 who hates and misjudge me

they aint seen what I seen and been where i've been

me and you are perfect to be called a dream team

I mean what I said when we hug and kiss baby

they say I am a great conversationist but I disagree

street smart yet stylish made them dubbed me dope Boy

love aint a game and I want to bring you some joy

I've been hustlin' since the days I'm at Penang

open your eyes and see I wanna be your 1 and only man

I am sure you mistaken me for some 1 else

if you say no then take the lie detector test

god sent me to heal the pain you have in your heart's core

Out the headache an stress you done been through before

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Life part 2

I wanna b popping champagne like I won a championship

if that really did happen aint that some good shit?

if i could i'd trade all that for her I think should

in the depth of my soul i kno i could so I would

aint it feels good when people holler at you when you walk by

it feels different cuz i swore I didn't even try

if i m far away just throw 'em V on the sky

good shit happen so real it can make a man cry

I got a message to all the haters, yes only to the haters

wussup up with the cock stare that you gave to Excaliber

I am looking for the special one while i travel in the whirlwind

like Bonnie and Clyde I swear we be the dream team

wierd combo like Bobby and Whitney but more like Jay and Beyonce

if it's bad I don't even wanna know what she has to say

like Pac said I'm just a man on his own now

so I gotta be Livin life Thug style, so I can't smile

sad reality to the a maximized dream

good life without her but listening to my angel sing

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Life

i can remember vividly the day i told moma i'll be on TV

i paid my dues but is this the reward for me?

don't act like i'm done change cuz I m the same

IF I was a bit star struck who is to blame

I feel like a VIP walking down the green carpet

I aint believeing cuz my eyes got out of the sockets

When I go back in Penang I be still same but flossin'

I am feeling some shit change cuz I was busy hustlin'

I can't wait for the day I be doin' shopping spree

sounds like a dream but I guess it's just my luck

don't hate me cuz you should be hating luck

I still hear P say Welcome To The good Life

i'm good after all the stress and strive

if you were me don't tell me you aint wanna shine

this just a dream since then when I'm goin crazy & getting blind

I know I should be writting on how I m heart broken

was on love and was too commited that she say it's too sudden

Kanye West - Good Life

When I 1st heard it in my car, I was like DAMN RE, this should be his next single, now it is.. guess I got got pick for singles eh?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Additional Pics from Anugerah ERA 2007 Trip

Me and some singers:

KL Leng Chai, late night at mamak joint

at mamak joint lepaking aint a norm. it's economical and relaxing mode. who would lepak at a coffee joint all the time? once a while OK la, not always.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Anugerah ERA 2007

First and foremost, on behalf of Voyeur Records, I would like to thanks all y'all for the votes, without you guys, we would not have won :)

Pre event

at Green carpet mofos :P

In there!

me at the "After Party"

Maybe more pics coming :P