Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How did she know?

   I was chatting with my sis, it's amazing that she knows that I'm planning to get neon-lights for my car without me telling her.

Sui Lynn says:

i honestly think accesories are an unnecessary waste of money

X says:

plus i dun plan to buy accesories

Sui Lynn says:

and lights under the car are illegal


   After trying to remove the scratch by waxing, the scratch is still there. It's not that obvious but it is still there. Remy helped me today. He waxed the spot, waited a while then waxed off. The scar on my car is still there. I'm still pissed off with what happened to my car. Until now, I am still pissed due to what happened to my dear car.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day Out

Malacca again. It was a day trip. I slept all the way during the journey. I aint the driver so I aint bitching about it. No doubt!

I overslept because I visited a friend few hours ago. Jam knocked on my door to wake me up. I saw Ben and Jam in front of my room door. In a rush, I brushed my set of teeth, washed my face and let the journey begin. I didn't bath because people are waiting for me plus I was lazy to. Dush, Ben, Jam and me started the journey by having breakfast at Bangsar before we shot off.

We reached Malacca after a short drive. Dev's mom prepared for us a sumptuous meal that consist wonderful curries (chicken and mutton) and briyani rice. As I walked in to the house, I smelled tempting curry smell. The team managed to gulp a few pecs of JD with coke. I had 1 as usual. Alcohol mess my mind and I don't want to act a fool that day.

After the meal, we proceeded straight to the 2nd destination (Maria's place) which was at the Portuguese Settlement after a bit of contemplation. The roads were kind of narrow and the Dush had trouble maneuvering the car around. We were greeted warmly again with food which started with a can of beer. Appetizer was the yummy sweet stuff like jam tarts, Portuguese sweet bread and cookies. Personal favorite is Devil's Curry. After that we had to head back to Devan's place because the lazy ones wanted crash.

As Ben and Jam went to sleep, me and Dush walked up to Famosa which is like 5 minutes walk. We talked as usual. I finally convinced Dush to walk down and disappointed by no good ice cream available. After a while we headed back to Dev's place.

Around 11pm, we went to a nearby mamak and had dinner. We were actually supposed to head to Umbai again but were too lazy to drive down. I was dissapointed with the food. Like some saying, tasted like some backyard boogie.After dinner we were to drive back but Dev managed to convince us to head to Ringo's which is located along Jonker's Street. Around 2 in the morning, we decided to head back home. We said our goodbyes and started our journey. Reached home around 3:30am. Damn tired.

Mo Money, Mo Problems, To All My Fans... Personal Message from The Game

I know all of my fans are wondering what the fuck is going on with "The Black Wall Street". Hear it from the horses mouth. I was forced to switch the domain of my former website to due to the disrespect shown towards me from ex-employees who decided to turn their backs on me & my imprint because they felt they weren't getting enough money out of me. In the past year (2005) I have spent over $1.5 million dollars on my homies & employees of The Black Wallstreet label. I bought niggas Nu cars, gave niggas thousands of dollars in cash daily, paid for niggas to go on trips that hood niggas will never be able to go on in their lifetime. I took care of niggas kids, paid niggas rent, gave niggas jewelry & a lot of other shit that I didn't have to do. All that and I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING in return from them. I let niggas live, let them make money off ME using my name, selling my shit all without asking for a cut, and gave them the opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever they want, opening the doors very few ever see to get in the business and giving them the chance to make something legal, positive, and legit out of their lives. All you niggas had to do was be men & apologize for trying to fuck over a good nigga !!!! Their came a time when I felt like I was being taking advantage of by the people closest to me & like anybody else would, I got fed up. A lot of my homies & former employees have continued to disrespect my company & my name by selling my T-Shirts & mixtapes behind my back making thousands of dollars & keeping 100% profit without cutting myself or anyone else in (even after they sent in resignation notices from the Black Wall Street) and talking shit about me. This whole situation has been a total fuckin nightmare for me but as a man I will deal with this as I have every other obstacle that has surfaced since the beginning of my career. I never thought my own family & homies would turn their back on me, but Dr. Dre told me that this day was gonna come 3 years back. For my fans on I have a Nu website which is !!! If you wish to e-mail me about this matter or any other you can e-mail me personally at . For the fans & people who decide to stay on the old site I wish you guys the best but I will not be affiliated with the old site EVER. I don't and never did hold any grudges with the niggas that tried to fuck me & take food out of my sons mouth (I always let them be and do them and never stopped them), but I will never ever forgive those who turned their back on me. I came in this mothafuckin' world by myself & I will die BY MYSELF !!!! Niggas can say whatever they want about me behind my back but when I see em' they curl up like little bitches. If that last sentence offended you then that means you one of the niggas who tried to fuck me. TRY AGAIN MOTHERFUCKER !!! I will close this letter by saying, I ended Joe Buddens career, smashed what was left of Memphis Bleek, waisted the Young Guns & killed G-Unit ALL by myself !!! There is no one else worth beefing with. Oh yeah, fuck Spider Joke & all them fake ass G-Unit crips........ Again FUCK SPIDER JOKE & ALL THEM FAKE ASS G-UNIT CRIPS !!! Spider please stop trying to fool these fans into believing your a factor in this L.A. Gangbangin' shit. You don't even come outside & I know 100 crip & blood gangs lookin for yo buster ass nigga. How you gone be from a crip gang in L.A. and then be from G-Unit crip (and get G UNIT tattooed on your body before you get your OWN gang ???). Now 50 is the leader of a crip gang?? huh??? ha ha ha ha ha 50, aint NEVER puttin' yo shit out nigga. And I been had a diss record ready for you in the vault, but your shit was such garbage it aint even worth puttin out and givin you any shine. I've never before heard a rap nigga TRY to bang as hard as you do on records and in interviews, its obvious the reason your around them cops is because 50 is "tryin to start a war on a coast he aint from" between bloods and crips, and capitalize off it while innocent niggas die in the middle and he laughs all the way to the bank. Don't let someone throwin a little money your way change who you are. Loyalty first. Open your eyes........... G-UNIT is DEAD !!! As for Lil' Eazy, you will never be ya father you little disrespectful shit......... R.I.P. Eric "Eazy- E" Wright. Funny how you were cheesin on my DVD 6 months ago, but now that your album about to come out and single has gotten NO play (EVEN in L.A. radio stations- YOUR home town), you decide to take the 50 route and try to get attention and sales by sparking up beef. The public sees right through you and your ghostwriter. Keep dissin me, you niggas is krazy ! I single handedly brought the west coast back & opened the doors for all you punk ass niggas & this how you act. I aint even talkin shit im stating facts, who is the ONLY rap artist in the past 10 years to go even Platinum from the West besides Dre, 2Pac, & Snoop??? Put ya album out, the whole world will laugh at you niggas. Niggas in the streets keep threating my life but everyday I wake up breathing. I walk witt GOD niggas & I will die before I let another nigga take food from Harlem & remember if you comin' to kill me there is a 50% chance you might not make it out, so COME ON NIGGA !!! IM OUT HERE EVERYDAY !!! So there it is, "The Black Wallstreet" C E Mothafuckin-O. Niggas tryna sue me cause I switched sites & they can't make no more money off me behind my back AFTER they already quit (if they quit, why they still usin my name and everything I built single-handedly). Give me a reason to write "400 Bars" I'm beggin you niggas. MO Money Mo Problems........ Suck My Dick !!!

Hurricanes in-stores Dec. 26th

"Waist Deep" in theatre's April

"The Doctor's Advocate" in stores 06'

You niggas get ready, matterfact I'll sit & wait for the haters to jump right back on my DICK when my next album drop ha ha ha ha...............

Aftermath / Black Wall Street motherfucka's

To my fans: if you lookin for me, I'll be on This will be the last time I say it 1.

I brought the "WEST COAST" back, what YOU do ???

"The GaMe"

upcoming mixtape:

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

I aint a Christian but that does not mean I can't celebrate it!

Few things I want for christmas:

1. Bentley

2. Mini Cooper

3. 2 New Era caps, Cincinnati Reds and Black Wallstreet cap


4. Under Car Neon Lighting

5. A pair of diamond earing

If you say dream on, i'm gonna tell you dreams do come true

R.I.P. Idzr

I just receive a call from Fazuan, my homeboy Idzr just passed away in an accident.

it's been like 5 years we're like brothers

so many laughter we had together

i reminisce we be out hunting for belen

we do it all the time but it was only u who can

aint kno i'm gonna lose u cuz time dun tell

i'm sorry i didn't meet u when ur in kl

thought there'll b another day

all i can do now is pray

I aint know how long i'm gonna mourn

but Rachel tells me "life goes on"

Friday, December 23, 2005

Tampered with

I parked my car outside the office as usual. I went home about 5AM. I noticed my car was scratched on both doors early morning, what else? My rage reached it's max so I decided to confront the suspect. When I reach there I asked who the owner of the shop was. He answered me rudely and confessed that he scratched my car. We ended in a brawl. I didn't get what I wanted just satisfaction out of a brawl. Typical me. Now I have to hide the scratch by waxing the spots. I do hope it's not so vivid to the naked eyes. But deep inside me, I am extremely devastated. I do not have a girl to cheer me up. Thugs get lonely too.


I need a girl to ride, ride, ride

I need a girl to make my wife

I need a girl who's mine oh mine

I need a girl in my life

Thursday, December 22, 2005

song dedication from a friend

X says:

i kno i do not have luck when it comes to girls

† ? ®äçhëL™ ? † says:

iv got a song fo u then

† ? ®äçhëL™ ? † says:

Some say love, it is a river

that drowns the tender reed.

Some say love, it is a razor

that leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love, it is a hunger,

an endless aching need.

i say love, it is a flower,

and you it's only seed.

It's the heart, afraid of breaking,

that never learns to dance.

It's the dream, afraid of waking,

that never takes a chance.

It's the one who won't be taken,

who cannot seem to give.

And the soul, afraid of dyin',

that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely,

and the road has been too long,

And you think that love is only

for the lucky and the strong,

Just remember in the winter

far beneath the bitter snows,

Lies the seed,

that with the sun's love,

in the spring becomes The Rose

X says:

what song is that ?

† ? ®äçhëL™ ? † says:

the rose

X says:

by ?

† ? ®äçhëL™ ? † says:

bette midler

Monday, December 19, 2005

1st Time for My Car Sanitation

For the 1st time, I sent my car to BP SS2, PJ to wash my car for the first time. It's been only me who cleans it and wipe it. I felt that the RM10 was definitely worth it. I finally removed the unwanted stickers on my car. It was washed and vacuumed. Now what my car needs? Neon lights beneath it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Malacca Trip Day One

Malacca, again. For the second time I went there for this year last Saturday. It was short but was fun indeed. Our group consist of myself, Ben, Jam, Dush, Daniel, Shaun and Hiew.

Team Kari 1: Ben, Jam, Dush and Daniel.

Team Punggok 1 : myself, Shaun and Hiew.

Don’t ask about the weird group name.

We were supposed to start at 10am but thanks to Shaun we started around 12noon. Both cars have a walkie-talkie for easy communication, and it's cheaper that way.

Getting ready for the journey

Below is a few pictures taken when me, Hiew and Shaun felt bored in the car. It was Shaun’s idea. I was like “cool, let’s do it!”. Yes, the usal me

My Team, Punggok 1 consist of myself, Shaun @ driver and Hiew @navigator

Once we arrived, Shaun called his girlfriend and invited her out. We picked her up and then went to Jonker’s Street for Chicken Rice Ball. We had the chicken, rice ball and fish. The smell made me miss Penang so much. I can be touchy at times ok!

After we had lunch, we went down the road to have cendol with gula Melaka and milk. I kept pouring gula Melaka as I love the taste. I remember vivdly I poured a lot on my cendol and the price is RM1.70nett. I have sweet tooth, what can I say? Diabetic case soon, ahh f*@k it!

Interesting sights at Jonker's Street

Please be advised that the signboard have been tampered with.

After a sumptous meal, we checked in the hotel. I stayed there before, but it was a 3 bedroom apartment. For this trip, we are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment. The room that I chose was good but the other room have air-con problem. I felt lucky. Lucky devil, aint I? Nice sleep with the air-con blowing straight to me that afternoon plus the wheather was hot.I was sleeping while the rest was playing with the PS2 that Ben suggested to bring along.

Dinner time, after waiting for Shaun for an hour plus, we headed to Umbai for dinner. It was tasty but to go there was quite a distance. The journey is about 30 minutes drive. I did hope that the journey was worth it. The menu for the night was sotong, steamed fish, otak-otak, pari fish, kankung and nasi lemak. Beverages was ais manis limau and the the ais limau.

After dinner, we headed to Jonker’s street. We strolled there again for the second time of the day before we went to Ringo’s. Pasr malam time. Nothing much to eat or buy but I am not complaining. Should I?

Ringo’s is a bar that is located at Jonker’s Street. The place have live performance. Too bad it is not my type of music but it is enjoyable. 70's, 80's music? I have to admit that some songs I do like. I have to admit that. Shhhh... Hip hop or rap, they did some raggae. I felt kind of bored there. It was Daniel's birthday and I knew that that time only.

After we drank beer, then we went back to hotel to clean up and they played PS2. I did not play PS2 as I am not an avid gamer. As if that I was.