Sunday, February 25, 2007

ICE's Journey back to HELL, owh well...

New tee unworn. Reason: Mama says that it's bad luck to wear black during CNY season :(

After having a nice holiday, who would want it to stop. I always knew Penang be the right place for me, best place to be at!

Like I said before

"can't deny that people drives for miles

to get a piece of the Penang style

I'm the M.V.P. -> Most Valuable Player

Make my own rules, bitch call me the gavenor"

lol.. I know lately i come out wierd rhymes

"Life aint eazy so I hustle for dough,
I hustle hard like i'm Joe Flizzow

the 1 use to kacau David

"aint worried because IF i die tonight,

like David i'm gonna get Kartle certified

Don't get it twisted aiight! I am not related to Kartel Records in any way. If muthaf@#ks bite my lines and use it, it's just right you call me daddy and your gf should f@#k me! So far I never read or heard Kartel fans givin' propz, I just do it for fun, my lines aint a diss by the way, those who wished they came up the lines to impress, too bad X did it 1st you muthaf@#kin' losers. If god allow, some plans goes well I'll be releasing some underground shit!

X mugged NOT marks the spot!

X be the reason your body dropped

before you wanna sparkle beef here's a reminder

I stand firm like the Great Wall of China

Penangites got their spirit bigger than KOMTAR

we should be proud where we from where ever we are

Ask Monster , ask Point, X is cool, X is nice

On Penang island X is the 1 they call IC£

at times, how I wish I continue to use the nick Ice in KL too, how i started using ICE? I love diamond a.k.a. bling blig.. hehe.. started way back around 96, 1st year in college. I was checking out clothes in Body Glove, KOMTAR. An indian dude was bumping Wu Tang, hip hop head meets another, hehe.. we freestyled and after that he asked me what's my name, i proudly said "Ice".

I start loving hip hop/ rap when I was like 13, my sis played MC Hammer then I start loving hip hop/ rap. Learning to dance or b-boy like L.A. Boyz(now know as Machi). Starting writing here and there, more excited when I found

If I use ICE, homeboys here would have been confused cuz after some time here, Terry start callin' himself Ice Man. I am not saying he copied me, so don't get it twisted, and Terry, don't front :P

The journey? I started at 7PM and I arrived around 12AM, not bad huh PLUS I did not speed :P

Very dissapointed with home cleanliness, as expected (no pics to be posted though I have uploaded it, wanna see it, email my mum :P ). Thank god Terry holla at my cell to go and have supper at Hartamas. Supper at Hartamas with Terry before callin' it a night. What we rockin' today ?

MISC - Random Pics Taken at Penang

Tatt Removal, Never Ending Story?



Did you notice the inflamation?

Equipments that were used:

Last Day of Holiday

Bump into my old classmate when I studied at Ssytematics College.

Dinner with Shafiq and Lee at Kenny Rogers at Queens Bay, Penang.

In the middle of the night at Gurney Drive:)