Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dog Tag

My new dog tag marks the new beginning. The old one has another individual’s name. I know it's time to move on. My new tag symbolizes myself.

1 side says "Sagga", my official Buddhist name in Pali language.

the other side says "Zhang", Teoh in Chinese character in the traditional version.


Gong Xi

27 Jan 2006, 5AM

The journey begins with meeting Adi and his girlfriend at their area, near Bukit Jalil. I was lost so I call and waited for him at Shell. A policeman came and asked why I am there. I told him that I was waiting for someone and I was lost. He told me he wanted to see my IC so I passed him the whole set that was in my wallet. He saw RM600 and immediately passed it back to me along with my card. I asked him if he wanted check my car while I instantly opened my boot and all the 4 doors. Then he said there is no need to do so. Adi came, took me to his apartment then we started the journey after he packed his stuff. ½ way, we ate after a toll. After the meal it was sunrise. I was sleepy but I decided to proceed without. I nearly crashed but luckily Adi’s girlfriend was awake, she called me. I became alive again. Stopped and had a tin of Redbull. Then we headed straight to his place. His mum gave me a cup of nice hot coffee and his dad gave me a limited cap. His mum gave me the first red packet and few oranges for this Chinese New Year. Adi and his gf drove his dad’s Waja and show me the way and stopped somewhere before they stopped, hugged and proceed to Damar Laut, Pantai Remis, before Taiping exit to Cangkat Jering. After I paid the toll to enter Penang. I was extremely happy. I went to post office to renew my diving license.

29 Jan 2006, 5AM

2nd day of Chinese New Year ended with clubbing at a club called Glow with Mei, Erin, Pheo, Lian and Moo. Before we went into the club, an ah lian walked passed by and smiled at me. I have no idea who is she but I swear I saw her before during my adolescence years. Out of curiosity I walk to her to know her. I asked her name, she declined to tell me. When she asked me I declined to tell too. We had Bombay Saphire. I danced like hell and drank like hell. I was high. After that we went to another club and met a dj by the name of Ivan. A jug of beer, just me and Pheo. Afterwe left the 2nd club, I took Erin, Mei and Moo to collect Moo’s car. Then we went back to pickup Ivan and headed to Batu Ferringhi to help Pheo and Lian to look for a room. We couldn’t find one. Pheo, Lian and Moo proceed to look for a room at other hotel while I sent Erin back home. Mei couldn’t go back yet. So me, Mei and Ivan went to 7 Eleven at Gurney Drive, we bought few chilled beer sat and talked cock. It was 7am, so I sent Mei home and headed home to sleep for a while.

Another year have passed. It's more than a year I'm working at PJ. What's next for me? What do I plan to achieve this year? I feel that I am too old to collect ang pow. I am feeling like my uncle few years back(before he is married, before he met my aunt). I might start to say "I am too old to collect ang pow" to all my relatives. I do plan to collect from all my close relatives.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Game's Rides

these cars were featured in the Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin DVD

The Game's Bentley donated to the Katrina Relief Fund

Taken form

Monday, January 23, 2006


It was same old boring Sunday, I was suppose to go to a scoot competition at Bukit Jalil, but then I was too lazy to go because the day before that, I was there for some car show.

I received an sms from Ben, Dev was missing that day. When I called him back, he told me about the plan to have dinner at Soul'd Out at Hartamas for some viewing party and goodie-bag will be given out. So I told Ben I wanna join in the fun too.

After the call, I wanted to buy Coke but was too lazy to walk, so I started Annie(my scoot) and went to buy it. After that, I decided to take Annie for a ride. I went to Federal Highway, Hartamas then Dev's crib. I was looking for his car, then when I wake a u-turn, Dev called me. We had a chat, called Ben then I went home to clean up myself, have a smoke before I start my journey to Soul'd Out.

I had Vongoli for dinner. Me, Ben, Jam and Dev sat on a table which is next to a bunch of die-hard fan of Liverpool. English Premier League champ? As if I care. They can kiss my ass from here to Penang and I still won't give a f%@k. The host that night was a dumbass Liverpool fan. Stupid fat f%@k. Do he need to be bias to make the night exciting? Who cares? Not me. The host was a liverpool fan. As for the goodie-bag that I mentioned before, it consist of a t-shirt, pen, cap, baloon(whatever they might refer it to) and 2 mini balls(soft).

When the game started around midnight, I was a bit interested with the game. I never have interest with football or soccer. I was hoping that MU would win to shut the duma$$ Liverpool fans. All of a sudden , Shaun and Hiew joined us during the half-game break. Much to my delight, MU won 1-0. Was it a fluke? Maybe. Skill? Maybe. That Stupid fat f%@k was dissapointed because the team that he support lost that night. After so much bla bla and brag, his team lost, someone should ask him "who got the last laugh now"

Aftar that we headed to Bistari for a drink.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


After few months the server is down, my team's website is down too. Last Monday, I just got a hunch and enter the server's website. I was happy that it is working well again. Yesterday I have just re-up the whole site. Though it's messed up a bit, but at least it still have PHP function.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Transformers: The Movie

It is true that the movie is coming out? Don't you believe after looking at the poster above?

When I was a small kid, I was wondering when will there be a movie for this cartoon? Finally, someone decide to make it. So that add the ancicipation for me to watch this movie. The first question that popped into my mind is, will it be as good as sounds? Transformers is one of my favorite cartoon back then.

I have to say that the movie website is extremely dissapointing as it is not as good the merchandise website.

Official Site:

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Pic Taken

   Today, I took a new pic for my upcoming staff card. It costs me RM12. The package includes a CD and 4 passport size picture. Is it the standard price? Pricey? Cheap? Reasonable? Well I need to take a pic so what's the fuss? The only thing that matter to me is the staff card. Can't wait to have it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year trip

My room drove me crazy so I decided to head to Penang. I had to pay RM38 for an executive bus that have a LCD sceen, head phone and some controls. The bus is Konsortium (

I reached Penang around 9pm. I was loungin' at my parent's apartment before heading to BBQ party. I was a bit reluctant to stay home. I am the outdoor type of guy.

Gambier Heights

The BBQ location is Bayu Senja which is about 2 minutes drive to Park Royal Hotel. I was greeted warmly by all scooterists, Monster Scoot and Ghetto Scoot. I felt like Pac returning to Cali or The game is back at Compton. Hometown celebrity. I walked around and holla to all. I ate a piece of chicken before the ride starts.

After the ride, most decided to sleep while I conviced some and took them to chill at Gurney. As we arrived we witnessed a punk(I mean it literally)ran, fell and blackout. His friends took him into a car and I guess they went to the hospital. I mind my own business. I aint got any mood to throw down. We ate and chill there before we went across the street to lepak by the beach.

After sunrise, we went to had breakfast. After the meal, we headed to Pusat Belia and I woke Ghetto Scoot up and then I went home to charge my cell battery before I accidentally fell asleep.

It's considered the 2nd day, when I woke up. I called Ah Kau. I managed to have 2 sausage before I went to Pusat Belia to meet them but they weren't there. I was informed that they went to Caltex. They weren't there again. So I went to Prangin Mall. Then I went to Gurney Plaza look for CNY clothes. I could not decide so I decided to call friend and finally bought an all white Nike Golf polo T. Then I meet the team at Hutan Peliharaan which is near the dam. After meeting them there, we went around before the rain. We race to Pusat Belia and I ate some tid bits at the canteen .

My dad's scoot with the red helmet.

Later, I decided to go home to sleep. Instead I had dinner with my family ( pa, mum and Jim). Meet the team again around 9pm. Lepak whole night before a short nap at an available room there.

We started journey at 11am and arrived around 8pm. I was sleeping and eating all the way except a hour ride on Scoot near Sg Perak because Aida was sleepy. I don't feel comfortable with the scoot so I went into the Kelisa again. Again I sleep and ate all the way before I was sent home.

Taken during dinner, the place is opposite Snake Temple.