Monday, September 18, 2006

Just Listen

KARTEL RECORDS presents the Emceedavid JUST LISTEN album release party!

Date: 16th September 2006 (Saturday)

Time: 2 -7 pm

Venue: Maison Club KL


on the decks DJ T-BONE

MC Syze performes One Mic and his single Dancin'.

Dancin' is sampled from The Nolans - I'm In The Mood For Dancing

K Town Clan crunks up the joint

The girls that appeared in David's video. Check out Natasha cuz she's HOT !!

Joe Flizzow, host of the gig.

Emcee David, star of the gig.

X and Arafah.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin"

Now there are several romours about me that is spread making people think some is real. I asked my mother IF what that wanksta claim is real.

My mother never spoke to him , Pr@***h. The only Indian guy my mother spoke to was Manikandran. Manikandran was my close friend in college.

Racist? Check out my mutherfuckin' list of friends. I go holiday with other race.

Now that's some FACT that is R E A L . So any stupid FUCKS that think what he claim is real, F**k your motherfuckin' self and move on. And I don't give any motherfuckin' attention to mutherfuckin' faggots. My name aint mutherfuckin' Mike Jones, so keep my name away from your mouth!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Penang trip

It all started with journey with Vixx and Rushdarn. We started our journey around 8AM. When we reached Penang, we headed straight to Ajip's cib for a quick meal. I started to feel tooth ache. After that, I drove home. No one was at home except Jim.

After resting at home, I went to the gig. When I reached there. After I paid for the entrance, I bump into Ah Bad of G Clique. The 1st Penangite I bump into is William. He looked worried, he was relieved when I told him I will not start any trouble if my enemy do not. He knows who i'm talking about, no doubt.

from left: X, Fariq, Vixx and Ajp.

Raw N G, they gave the best performance for the day. They performed 2 tracks but they HEAT up the stage. I aint saying that because they are my homeboys, I am saying that because thay are really GOOD !! P.S. Thanks for pulling me up to the stage, BIG honour man!

After the gig, few of us went to had some Sup Kambing nearby Cititel Hotel. I had sup kambing and roti bangkali. It was not as good as back then.

When I called Pa for dinner, I went to Counter Hall to meet him, mum, jim, Daryl and Colin. So I invited Colin to join me and Azlee to go clubbing with me and my friends.

Clubbing was cool at Glo. No doubt we were there too early. So many people I know was there. Me and Colin had a jug each. Nice cold beer plus it ease my tooth ache. I was extremely tipsy when I accidentally knock on Raja's head when I tried to reach for my beer. I just smiled and said sorry. We shook hand. That do not means we are friends. Don't get it twisted !!

Thank god Colin love the club, it was better than the last I took him to few years back.

After that, we drove and had dinner or was it supper? We bump into the girl that I flirt with in the club. She was having supper with her friends. Colin said "What a coincidence". Colin knows I'm interested with the girl.

2nd day, Sunday

Tattoo removal cancelled, I took CD from Miss Gee's daughther

I dinner with Ah Phat at New Lane. I was quite full so I didn't each much plus I got the toot hache.

Last thing to do was to chill at Amar's house. I manage to meet Amar, Ko~, Ah Wei and Amar's family.

About midnight, I left Amar's house because it is time to start my journey to PJ. It may be a short trip, but it was worth the time.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vallavan - Yogi B & Natchatra

Yogi B is back with the duo Natchatra on his new project. This tamil rap album was officially released last weekend.

The tracklisting:

1. Munnurai

2. Hip Hop Era

3. Madai Thiranthu

4. Siva Siva

5. Een-Nabruq

6. Vali Theduthe

7. Indian Girls

8. Go Shorty

9. Kamastura

10. Mov' Dat

11. Hip Hop Arivom

12. Vallavan

13. Kadhal Yengge

14. Ellamey Kaasu

15. Vaa vaa

So far, I have listened to teh track vali theduthe. It's the bomb. This weekend, I'll go to Brickfields and look for the album. As an Ammo fan, this album gotta be in my collection man.