Friday, September 23, 2005

good news

FINALLY, no it's not about "The Rock have comeback". It is about my car loan. It have been approved. I have paid additional RM500.00. the balance RM770 will be paid when I collect my car. Good news right? 1 Mocha Silver Perodua Kelisa is on the way for me. All mine. My precious!

Propz to Ben for being a good consultant to double check the documents, preparing a temp receipt and ask questions to the dealer.

Monday, September 12, 2005

heart bleed

emotions be controlling me , I am living in a tragedy

left alone wondering what's god's plan for me

i'm lost in a mase with no guidence

call me ignorant cuz I feel god have no love for me

i'm trying to be a man but my tears keep dropping

so many thing are there for me to keep wondering

remininse that i used to be cocky

taking for granted cuz forever she'll be with me

as for us to be best friend

well I am confused if we can

i admit our realtionship was abused and getting darker

i followed my anger who's not a stranger

i remember vividly time was crazy

when we thought we about to conceive of our baby

will i be feeling better before tommorow

I aint know cuz I'm still drowned in sorrow

wish i could leave in a hearse

cuz i get sadder before next verse