Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Toy for Voyeur Office

New toy for sofa:

Bloggin' again huh P?

The office is more like a toy shop already la....

Introducing.. Po Po

Sory la... cannot tahan cuz I gotta just print-screen and put in my blog, right? :P

Current AF1 Racun

V Rec color-way baby...

Get Well Soon Real

Real injured? If you reading this now, I'll get some rappers to respond to this aiight ?!

Ja aint happy about it !

Skateboard P still busy with LV...

T.I.P. says peace out so meet him at Bankhead...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's New?

Ashanti's upcomin album cover

Any1 heard of Danity Kane?

IF I still do not cut my hair, shall I make it look like?

V Rec boys gonna be at? What For? Be there and find out :P

Think about it!

Monday, January 28, 2008


sorry a must say to mum and pa and jim

I was busy chasing my childhood dream

sis sorry for not coming through

even after I say i' I wanted to

I felt livin' in a dream without a perfect boo

now next to others I got to say "sorry" to

sorry to Point cuz for months I went M.I.A.

sorry to R.E., Bie and Seng for my harsh ways

my friends should know they didn't died outta my life

y'all shouldn't even consider once so why twice

here's a true fact and y'all gotta remember that

family 1st cuz they'll nevery turn their back

I'm a situation that I call "mind over matter"

in my mind it's family while b!=ches aint matter

all I can say and feel it's "I'm sorry"

now y'all can put the blame one me

I am still trying to be a better man,

Before any1 get this twisted, I am still beefin' with some people and a new beef cuz muthafucka callin' me out for it... so F**K peace and F*kk him!


Nice Meal After Show At Kelana Jaya

the food:

Uncle Real "Hurry take pic cuz I wanna eat now"

Point "Patience my friend, pic more important for bloggers :P"

Bie starting to blog.

Bie "How to use this now?"

view it at


After, all finished, it's a wrap... lol...

who's drivin'?

lepakin' at his place

Show Time at Niu Spring Concert

ya' Boy X and the hottest female performer of the night (besides my girl IVI), Stella

Mealtime after show (usual thing), we headed to: