Monday, July 31, 2006

Babymilo New Era cap

BabyMilo New Era cap is spotted! Sold at Crossova, a shop at Times Square KL. It is limited like the Ice Cream New Era. Babymilo is a brand under Bathing Ape. There goes the tip :)

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Friday, July 21, 2006

V Rec Official Tee

I was given the preview of the whole album. I felt much honored as I was given the privilege. He's not just my friend but also my hip hop hero. There is a track I like so much that me and him freestyle in the car. No doubt, he is better than me. For me, it is better than any Poetic Ammo albums. Now I agree on the wait because it's worth it. It's coming out soon guys, trust me.

Let me remind you (in case you forget or don't know), he is the first Chinese rapper to receive awards for hip hop album with Poetic Ammo.

To the haters and non-believers, when all done and released, time for you muthaf**kin' haters to SHUT TH£ F**K UP!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006


Subway used to be my fav. snack bar. One of the branch is located at Sungai Wang, it is now closed. A branch of Subway food chain was found in Damansara, next to KFC. The sandwich is still good but kinda pricey. The meal set shown is RM13.90. Owh well, once a while wouldn't hurt, right?

Ulu Yam

Ulu Yam, well it's near Selayang.

Fiq was driving my car, we got into a accident, a mild one, I think. It was kinda deep with many lonkang. How Fiq feels about crashing my car?

After he knows that I am not that angry about it

The Mocha Pearl

X's tee of the day

Capt. X Sparrow & his Mocha Pearl

How I feel about the crash?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mayu Tama

This is my first time tasting a Japanese Ice Cream. It's like wafer but in the wafer is a layer of caramel and vanilla ice cream. It's alright, I'll rate it B-. Mayu Tama is available at all Sushi King restaurants.

Shows Over

The FIFA World Cup is over. I thought Germany would have won, but boy owh boy I was wrong. The Italy team have won this round of World Cup. I never watch football or soccer match so far except this year.

Street Party Sponsored by Hotlink at Bukit Bintang KL.

I was there, saw Joe Flizzow and Phlowtron's performance. I didn't bother watching Reshmonu's performance though.

Juice BirthDay Party 2006

I went to the Juice BirthDay Party 2006, the theme was hats and bananas. The music was house, not my type of music. It was packed as hell in the mid of the event. I didn't enjoy much except the free flow of beer. For me, this is the worst event I even been to.

The DJs before the start of the show. I thought we were there too early, but once we are in the VIP section, I don't think so.

Sam found the pic of her bf with the bf's so called god-bro in the latest Juice magazine.

My arm with the chop and the free beer.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reebok S.Carter

I know, I aint a fan of Jay Z, the kicks just look hot and attracted me to purchase it last year. PLUS it was on sale, 40% discount. Temptations. It is comfortable. Looks cool if your rock it with 3/4 pants.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ben's Dinner

It's been quiet some time since I went to some where classy to eat. Last Saturday I went to Chilli's at KLCC to celebrate Ben's birthday. We took the advantage to use our coupon that was given to us by our company.

Who were there for the wonderful dinner? They are:

Ben @ Susu

Josephine Daniels @ JD

Maria Felix

Yat Mun @ $1



Location: KLCC

Malaysia's tallest building.

Appetizer Time,we had Nachos and Buffalo Wings. Eating it feels like I'm in an American TV show.

What did some of us had for the main course? Ben and Hiew had the same dish.

What I had? Steak, my favorite. Yummy!!

Chatting while eating. I'm just telling them some stories. Well, I love to put a smile on my friends' face.

X Talk everybody listens :)

We managed to take 2 group photos. Thanks to the kind waitress's assistance.

Cake time. It is baked by JD and Maria. It's a cheesecake. The base is a crunchy shortbread. Now, it's prooven that recipe that are available in the Internet does taste good, or the girls are just plain good. :) My tummy have decided :)

JD and Maria, proud to get the nice compliments :)

Gotta go, what? Just a pose. Next venue, where? It is opposite a hotel in Jln Sultan Ismail. The night begun with watching the match England VS Portugal. Well as you know, England performance was poor this round of World Cup.

JD and Maria left early. The girls didn't join the dancing session. Vixx got 2 girls to dance with Ben. Ben was known as Birthday Boy that night. Lucky mofo get kisses from girls.

Me and Vixx, craziest and straight outta Penang :)