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Sooyoung Neo Military Girl
메탈 장식의 검정 컷아웃 저지 드레스는 Gucci, 참 장식의 초커는 Bell&Nouveau 제품. 모자는 스타일리스트 소장품.
Hyoyeon Glamorous Western Girl
폼폼 장식의 데님 쇼츠는 Siwy, 데님 셔츠는 Levi’s, 스웨이드 소재의 싸이하이 부츠는 Gucci, 레오퍼드 스키니 벨트는 Dressmonster by 4Evamall, 뱅글과 골드 체인 목걸이는 모두 Tory Burch, 별 모티프 귀고리는 Mzuu 제품.
Taeyeon The Snow White
퍼 코트와 풍성한 코사크 햇은 모두 Fury, 은색 뱅글은 Tory Burch, 진주와 크리스털 소재의 팔찌는 Lobject1920 제품.
Yoona The Little Heiress
시폰 소재의 네이비 블라우스와 트위드 풀 스커트, 벨트는 모두 Fendi, 오픈토 펌프스는 Louis Vuitton, 연보라색 실크 장갑은 Bell&Nouveau, 빈티지한 골드 시계는 Lobject1920, 가느다란 골드 링은 H.R. 제품.
Jessica Wild Nordic Girl
노르딕 패턴의 니트 보디 수트는 D&G, 인조 퍼 소재의 먹럭 부츠는 Chanel, 퍼 뱅글과 장갑은 모두 Louis Vuitton 제품.
Sunny Lovely Lolita
주얼 플라워 장식의 개나리색 미니 드레스는 Miu Miu, 크리스털 장식의 부티는 Pedro Garcia by La Collection, 반지와 귀고리는 모두 Mzuu 제품.
Yuri Elegant Couture Girl
화려한 주름과 시퀸이 돋보이는 튤 웨딩드레스와 머리 장식은 모두 Deni Cheur, 십자가 모티프의 귀고리는 Mzuu 제품.

Tiffany Antique Lacy Doll
자수 장식이 돋보이는 검정 레이스 톱은 Christopher Kane by 10 Corso Como, 레이스 스커트는 D&G, 오픈토 스트랩 슈즈는 What I Want, 은색 귀고리는 Mzuu 제품.
Seohyun Delicate Grunge Girl
청키한 짜임의 네이비 니트 미니 드레스는 Vanessa Bruno, 튤 스커트는 Deni Cheur 제품. 모자와 니트 워머는 스타일리스트 소장품.

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T.I. f/ Rocko – ‘I Can’t Help It’

The incarcerated rapper chases his paper in the video for “I Can’t Help It,” his collaboration with fellow ATLien Rocko from his new album No Mercy (Dec. 7). The clip is one of several videos Tip shot before heading back to the pen.

T.I. Performs ‘Rubber Band Man’ for ‘VH1 Storytellers’

With only a week to go before his latest album No Mercy hits stores on December 7, T.I. explains the story behind some of his greatest hits in the preview for his episode of “VH1 Storytellers.” Filmed in front of a studio audience, the King of the South provides insight on key tracks before performing them live.

“What ‘Rubber Band Man’ means to me, back before anybody knew who T.I. was, back before I was doing something that I could be proud of doing, I used to wear rubber bands on my wrist kinda like this, as you see—minus the diamond watch,” joked Tip while explaining how he used the bands to keep track of his money accrued during the day.
“VH1 Storytellers: T.I.” airs Friday, December 10, at 11 p.m.

T.I. f/ Christina Aguilera – ‘Castle Walls’

T.I. and Christina Aguilera reflect on the hardships of being a superstar on “Castle Walls,” the new single from Tip’s seventh album No Mercy (Dec. 7). Produced by Alex Da Kid and co-written with his artist Skylar Grey, the somber tune shows the King of the South at his rawest. “The dangers don’t equate to all the time it take away from ya kids,” admits the incarcerated rapper during his introspective verses.

“It’s hip-hop, it’s electro, but I think it’s gonna lend itself to a broad audience,” Alex Da Kid previously told Rap-Up TV. “It has some kind of substance to it in the lyrics. It should work on radio and in the club, hopefully.”

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SNSD introduces new line dance concept in Shibuya

SNSD will be making Japan’s Christmas season shine bright with a new large-scale illumination electric display to be put up in the middle of Shibuya.

According to SM Entertainment, the illumination will be up on the exterior of Shibuya’s representative fashion building, Shibuya 109, starting from November 30th. SNSD signed a contract with Shibuya 109 to celebrate this Christmas season for exactly one month, lasting until December 25th.

Representatives of SM Entertainment stated “In the illumination, the girls are shown with their new and modern ‘line dance’ concept fit for the Christmas season. We are predicting a hot response. SNSD has been attracting attention not only for their choreography, but their fashion as well, and are highly popular amongst Japanese teens and 20s. This illumination will capture the attention of the people walking the streets of Shibuya.”

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Size DOES Matter

2NE1 on the set of “Don’t Stop The Music“

2NE1’s latest track, “Don’t Stop the Music,” which was created for their endorsement with Yamaha.
Yamaha developed a new scooter designed exclusively for their female clientele called the “Yamaha Fiore“ for the Thailand market.Some photos of 2NE1 on the set of the MV were revealed via twitter.