Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Master Of The Universe

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

My next anticipated movie!!!

The bad guys is Victor Creed @ Sabertooth

There'll be Gambit, Weapon X and my personal fav. Wolverine Vs. Sabertooth

Wolverine action figure rockin' AF1

Converse 100th Anniversary Leather Jacket Chuck Taylor

To Get: Caprice - DEM GIRLS

PS: He did not ask me to promo his sh*+ on my blog but I love his sh*+, that's all :)

Random Pics

T.I. at Respect My Vote Campaign launch

Rihanna's new video that is Disturbia

Ice Cube's new vid "Do Ya Thang"

Nelly's 1st Ad For Sean John Underwear

Now I am reminded to do my daily bodyweight exercise and start weights training again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Karen Kong Posing With an "X'

She also looks good in plain jane look.

Racun Since Small: Mattel Hover Board

Where in the world to buy Hover Board? Do this actually fly? Will Micheal J Fox be the only f**ker who get to experience it? Looking for answer now... I am Google-ing this sh*+ now!!!

Song Of The Day:

The Game featuring Lil' Wayne "My Life"

The lines in Verse 2 that Game claimed people mistaken as diss for Eminem

"And all the pictures of me and Em - I burnt 'em

So there ain't no proof that I ever walked through 8 Mile

And since there ain't no Proof, I never walked through 8 Mile"

Produced by Cool and Dre.

FREE Lunch

NOw who the f**K says there's no such thing as free lunch ?!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The X File

The beats in the CD produced by Wicked Minds Productions (of JBC)

Random Outing with The Boys

On My way to

watch Dark Knight movie

Road Show by NTV7

Some hi-tech japanese food joint.

Make your pick using a mouse and a LCD screen, no waiter needed, but takes a long time before you get your food :(

Cold green tea? They'll give u a cup, tea bag and a cup of ice. You will have to press for hot water then add ice, Sushi King has better service for cold green tea.

And after waiting for about 1.5 Hrs, finally...

Voyeurizm New Stocks in Echo Park

Last batch was ->

Random "Rounding" aka "Ronda" Around KL

Phillip @ BBP was at KL last weekend, as usual we met and and drove around KL city.

We all end up having dim sum at SS2.