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Charlie Hunnam covers Men's Health Mag

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A quick tip if you ever want to hang with young outlaw bikers: Don't wear leather boots. They're cliche. They give you away as an outsider, a fake. Charlie Hunnam knows that. It's why, when he plays a biker on FX's Sons of Anarchy, he wears white sneakers. That's the way many real guys roll.

"I've had people come up to me in the street wearing leather pants and leather boots, saying, 'Love your show, man, but why do you wear those white sneaks? Bikers don't wear white sneaks,' " Hunnam says. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm sure you wear leather boots when you're on your bike, man—'cause you're a dentist.' "

Hunnam should be one to talk. He's a well-groomed Brit, an actor who drives a Cadillac and collects Nike Air Max 90s—hardly tough-guy material. Yet he doesn't just play a biker on TV. He hangs with them—the real ones, who aren't dentists. He even wears a gold-plated bullet around his neck in honor of a fellow rider who was gunned down. Hunnam is determined to belong in their world.

Bikers—gruff, independent, loyal to their lifestyle—fascinate Hunnam. He thinks of them as somewhat like his father, a rough guy who flirted with the wrong side of the law.

It's partly why Hunnam took the job on Sons of Anarchy, and why he wanted to become close with the men he portrays. "It's not that these guys want to be gangsters. They just don't want to be told what to do," he says. "They're not succumbing to living life in a 9-to-5 way. That's something I understand."

Every man has an image of himself—an ideal, a lifestyle, a place he feels most right. Hunnam has traveled far to seize his. He's taken risks, as any man should. One was leaving his hometown of New castle, in northern England, for Hollywood. Another was turning down a role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall even though one of its main characters, an ego maniac musician, was written with him in mind. The movie was going to be huge. Still, Hunnam knows he's not a comedian, and he respects his limits.

This is the power of determination and having trust in yourself. If you believe you belong somewhere—in a manager's office or in a certain social scene—then you go there, study it, and find a place in it.

It wasn't easy for Hunnam to earn the bikers' trust. You don't approach a new group and act like you belong, just like you don't walk into a new job and act like you can run the place. That's disrespectful. Instead, Hunnam asked an acquaintance to introduce him to some bikers he knew. Then he sat back.

"It's a question of knowing how to behave," Hunnam says. "Be quiet until you have a really firm grasp on what's going on, and then you can open up a little bit. We have two ears and one mouth because we're supposed to use them in that ratio."

Pay attention to details. That's the key to learning new surroundings and winning skeptics over. It's how Hunnam noticed those bikers' white sneakers, and how he developed friendships with them. "Now I hang out with them for a few days whenever I start to feel like I'm wavering," he says.

Below are other ways he crafts his identity.

Hunnam recently purchased a Harley Dyna Super Glide, the same model of bike he rides in the show. "I'm so excited, I can hardly say the words." Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide ($12,000 and up)

"I'm kind of a lazy boy when it comes to fashion," Hunnam says. "I'm most comfortable in a pair of jeans." He prefers classic-style brands like Levi's and Sevens. They're simple, not unnecessarily tricked out. Levi's Original Buttonfly 501 ($50),

Leather jackets are part of the biker uniform, worn as much for protection as style. You can ape the look with a lightweight motorcycle-inspired jacket, which easily transitions from winter to spring. DKNY Salford jacket ($300), (800) 777-4524; DKNY Jeans T-shirt ($40), Macy's,

When Hunnam dresses up, he aims to make an impression. "I smarten up with Armani," he says. Emporio Armani suit ($1,000), shirt ($195), and tie ($95),

A friend gave him a Prada overnight bag as a joke. "She thought it was hilarious to give a scruffy kid like me a Prada bag," he says. "But it's served me well—it's been on 1,000 trips." Prada bag ($1,300), select Prada stores, (888) 977-1900

"I tend not to shave unless I have to," he says. Instead, he's much more likely to use a beard trimmer like the Conair Chopper. It keeps facial hair even and neat looking for days. Conair Chopper Facial Trimmer ($28),

"I probably have the world's largest collection of Nike Air Max 90s: about 68 colors, never worn," he says. "If I see a color I love, I buy two pairs, one for the collection and one for myself." Nike sneakers ($120),

How Asian Girl should Rock a fitted

2NE1 Greetings to Malaysian Fans

2NE1’s Park Bom joins twitter

2NE1’s youngest member Minzy (@mingkki21) joined twitter and it seems she has recruited fellow member Park Bom to join in on the tweeting ventures.

Minzy tweeted:
“@harooluvstar 이제 봄언니도 트위터한다~^^ㅋㅋ반가워요~ㅎㅎ / @harooluvstar Now, Bom unni is on twitter too~^^ ㅋㅋI’m glad~ huhu”

Park Bom had two random tweets from June 17, 2010 but it seems the account was dormant until now. Just an hour ago she tweeted:

“@Hwangssabu 사부님~~ 저 봄이에요~~~^^ 트위터 시작했어요ㅋㅋㅋ 민지가 가르쳐 주는중입니다~~^^ / @Hwangssabu ssabu neem~~ It’s Bom^^ I just started twitterㅋㅋㅋ Minzy’s teaching me~~^^”

Follow Park Bom at @harooluvstar

T.I. - Lay Me Down ft. Rico Love

SNSD releases preview of new “Paradise in Phuket” photobook

SNSD will be releasing a new photobook on February 8th titled, “ALL about Girl’s Generation Paradise in Phuket.

The photobook details the girls’ trip to Phuket, Thailand, and features 300 pages of never-before-seen photos, starting from their arrival at the airport, to their recording for the Eco music video, pajama parties, interviews with the members, and cute paparazzi shots that cannot be seen anywhere else.

The preview pictures released feature the girls expressing their innocent charms in lovely all-white outfits. Fans are already expressing their anticipation for the full photobook, claiming that it looks as if the girls have returned to their younger debut days with “Into the New World.

Meanwhile, SNSD is performing at the ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo‘, held on January 26th.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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Yuri at SNSD's Seoul Music Awards rehearsal

DSP sends proposal to KARA, could possibly return as 5 soon

On January 25th, Landmark, the legal representatives for the three members of KARA (Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon), revealed that, “DSP Media has proposed the following for KARA members: ‘Creating an agreement on promotions within and outside of Korea’ and ‘Consulting and requesting the members’ opinions’. With regards to the first proposal, DSP expressed that the company has shown clear intentions of negotiating with the members. These were proposed in hope that the three KARA members will continue carrying out their schedules in Korea and Japan. The representative predicts that the fans will be able to see the five members of KARA promoting together very soon.”

The contents of ‘To create an agreement on promotions within and outside of Korea’ are as follows:

1) From now on, KARA members will have an experienced manager while promoting in Korea and overseas.

2) After discussing resuming promotions in Japan, DSP will acknowledge the opinions of members and seek contact from the manager stated in the first point.

3) During promotions in Korea and overseas, the members are allowed to have their guardians (the members’ parents or someone they have chosen) accompanying them and contribute to making important decisions.

4) While promoting in Japan, the representative of DSP Japan will be cooperative.

However, a representative of the three KARA members said, “In regards to the second proposal, the KARA members expressed that they still don’t have faith in DSP. There’s been a promise and agreement with DSP to promote right away, yet we are disappointed with their insincerity.”

The KARA members’ opinions of ‘Consulting and requesting of the members’ opinions’ are as follows:

1) The three members of KARA will let the legal department deal with their contract, and both sides have agreed to complete activities that they have missed.

2) In order to restore faith in the relationship between KARA and DSP, the three members have suggested the following to be completed by January 27th:

a) The members will meet with representative Lee Hoyeon and not DSP.

b) Finding an end to the gap between the management until the return of representative Lee Hoyeon.

c) They will seek a management that is highly regarded and reliable.

d) They will find a way to organize and improve Care, KARA’s management team.

e) Making sure that KARA’s promised income is given.

f) An explanation in the relationship between DSP and DSP Japan.

3) Fixing the individual contracts before all the members terminate their contract.

4) Once the overall income has been calculated, they will provide full disclosure and all paperwork regarding the income.

A representative of the three members said, “DSP was not able to give a clear answer in regards to representative Lee Hoyeon’s whereabouts, as well as performing as five members again. Not only did the three KARA members lose faith in DSP, but the contracts were also unfair. The members have also recognized a difference between their opinions and the company’s stand on the issue.”

With regards to their requests to shorten their contract, they expressed, “It was not the members who had brought it up first, but DSP had privately approached one member with this issue. We were able to find out the intentions of DSP on that day. The company had stated that they would resolve and shorten the contracts but to change their answer now has confused all of us.”
Source: Star Today (article was removed from site) + Osen

KARA’s new CF for TBC to air as scheduled this February

A new Japanese CF featuring all five members of KARA will be broadcast as planned.
According to a report by Sankei Sports on January 26th, KARA was chosen as the new models for one of Japan’s biggest aesthetic companies, ‘Aesthetic TBC‘. The girls recorded a CF for the company, but due to their current controversy, the company debated over whether or not to air it.

Sankei Sports revealed, “With the five-membered Korean girl group KARA going through a dispute, news of their contract with Aesthetic TBC has been revealed on the 25th. CFs will run from February 1st, followed by the airing of their television CFs on the 2nd. All five members will be appearing.”

They continued, “The recording took place before the controversy broke out, leading many to wonder whether the CF would go on as planned, but representatives of Aesthetic TBC revealed, ‘In consideration of KARA’s future, now is the time to support KARA,’ which led to their decision.”

In support of KARA, Aesthetic TBC will be putting up advertisements with an additional statement, “Find strength, KARA!” in 200 different locations in seven cities.

The Plot Thickens: DSP Entertainment Reveals Text Message from “J”

The Korean media has been buzzing over the identity of an outside party that tried to lure KARA away from the management of DSP Media.
Although no one was able to properly identify the party, DSP Media decided to reveal text messages sent by “J” to the KARA members, encouraging them to “call anytime.”
“J” goes on to say that he has “cars” and “managers who work well”, and so if they need anything at all, they shouldn’t hesitate to let him know.
While this message was released with the intent of weakening the three KARA members’ lawsuit, it’s unclear whether this was a major factor in the members’ decision-making process to begin with. DSP Media has been claiming that rival offers from “J” pushed Jiyoung, Nicole, and Seungyeon to file for contract terminations, but the message does not mention any offer of a contract.
It does, however, call into question the idea that the three members were not influenced by “J” in their decision to sue DSP.
Source: My Daily
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The demands of the KARA trio are finally revealed
The three members of KARA have finally revealed their demands in their contract adjustments with DSP Media, with the two main points being to shorten the contract time and having a modification in the board of directors.

With the three members having a contract that still lasts another 3-4 years, the trio has demanded their contracts be shortened to July of 2012 instead, as they would like to end their contract at the same time their contract with Universal Japan ends. They have also requested a more professional management team, as well as a transparent accounting system.

In addition, the three have requested for the resignation of the wife of CEO Lee Ho Yeon, who had been his replacement since last year after he fell into a coma. The trio would also like for a new system, whereby their legal representative could participate in the group’s accounting and contract audits.

It was later announced that DSP Media would agree to only partially meet their demands. A representative stated, “Isn’t demanding a shortening of their contract and a change in directors a bit too much? For reinforcing the management team and making a transparent accounting and contract system, if the members are willing to come back and discuss further, then there are possibilities that they can be partially accepted.”
Source: JoongAng via Daum