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TaeYang Alive Images

In the last pic, he is rockin' the infamous Air Jordan 11

Weekly Must DO's

After workout, I take/ drink

I hate this cuz the tablet is too big

Lazy days

A bit of Nelly's workout


Caprice - CHIKARO feat Bryan B & Ron E Jones

TIME Magazine makes another mention of Big Bang

Watch Your Back, Bieber: The Boy Band Is Making a Comeback
Big Bang in particular stands to gain success in the U.S.—even shooting their latest video for the inanely catchy single “Bad Boy” in Brooklyn. The hysteria they induce overseas is frankly hard to conceive, as they’re more than just household names. They’ve conquered Japan, plan to work with producer Swizz Beatz and Chris Brown, and won an MTV European Music Award in 2011, beating Britney Spears for Best Worldwide Act. In fact, Swizz Beatz has cut a production deal with South Korea’s ON-Media, and told The Fader that he hopes to “migrate the cultures.” “My goal is to have music speak as the international language it is.”
Read full article here.

RareInk's 2pac

"When I got asked to be part of the Biggie and Tupac project, I immediately felt the massive weight of representing these two legends adequately. Their contribution and cultural impact is unmeasurable--not to mention their unresolved, sudden and tragic deaths. My goal was to capture each man as if he stood 100 feet tall. Their names and aliases are layered over 2 dozen times, with meticulously hand painted tags and logos. Then above, their statuesque portraits rising above and looking towards even greater heights. Even though, they are no longer physical present, the influence that Biggie and Tupac have on me and millions of other fans and artists alike has has yet to see it's peak. It was an honor to be a part of this project" said Bask.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Big Bang - Alive

This album owner: Mel

This is Korean version

1. Intro (Alive)
2. Blue
3. Love Dust (사랑 먼지)
4. Bad Boy
5. Ain't No Fun (재미없어)
6. Fantastic Baby
7. Wings (날개) [Daesung Solo]
8. Blue (Instrumental)
9. Bad Boy (Instrumental)
10.Fantastic Baby (Instrumental)
BookletDigital Booklet - ALIVE

Prema Yin - Superstar

I follow @premayinmusic

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S

Set the Date and Time on Apple iPhone 4S: Settings► General ►Set Date & Time

How to Add Photo Albums to your iPhone 4S
Create a folder
The go to iTunes, then look for devices
then go to the middle frame and click on Photos, then make sure you choose correctly there

If using Windows Vista read here.

More tips here.

Old pic of me & my prev phone i.e. Blackberry

Friday, February 03, 2012

Girls` Generation(소녀시대) in the USA Promo

Girls` Generation(소녀시대)for Kelly

Girls' Generation for David Letterman 1-31-12

Visit 소녀시대(Girls' Generation) at Facebook here.

Say What bout Penang?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi

Yo! Gong Xi, Gong Xi!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!
May Your Wishes Bloom Like Flowers In Spring,
May Your Life Shine Like The Summer Sun,
May Money Shower In Your Life Like Winter Snow
& All Your Worries Drop Like Autumn Leaves,
a Chinese can be what he wants to be like Bruce Lee,
I wish all y'all better health & WEALTH,
HUAT baby HUAT from Icey

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Far East Movement - Jello ft. Rye Rye

Game – The R.E.D. Album

1. Dr. Dre Intro
2. The City (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
3. Drug Test (Feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg & Sly)
4. Martians Vs Goblins (Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne)

5. Red Nation (Feat. Lil Wayne)

6. Dr. Dre 1
7. Good Girls Go Bad (Feat. Drake)
8. Ricky
9. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
10. Heavy Artillery (Feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)
11. Paramedics (Feat. Young Jeezy)
12. Speakers On Blast (Feat. E-40 & Big Boi)
13. Hello (Feat. Lloyd)
14. All The Way Gone (Feat. Mario & Wale)
15. Pot Of Gold (Feat. Chris Brown)

16. Dr. Dre 2
17. All I Know (Feat. Lu Breeze)
18. Born In The Trap
19. Mama Knows (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
20. California Dream
21. Dr. Dre Outro

DJ Premier’s Top 25 Albums of 2011
Like every year DJ Premier presents to you his top 25 albums of a year, also in 2010 he did that. There’s always a big commotion around it but check out Premos top 25 of 2011:

25. Large Professor & Neek The Exotic – Still On The Hustle
24. Edo G – A Face In The Crowd
23. Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz – Heavy Metal Kings
22. Greneberg – Greneberg
21. Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – Well Done

20. Apathy – Honkey Kong
19. The Away Team – Scars And Stripes
18. Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch The Throne
17. Torae – For The Record
16. Bumpy Knuckles & Statik Selektah – Lyrical Workout
15. Common – The Dreamer, The Believer
14. Maffew Ragazino Sr. – Rhyme Pays
13. Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel
12. Drake – Take Care
11. Statik Selektah – Population Control

10. Random Axe – Random Axe
09. Malcolm And Martin – Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
08. Royce da 5’9″ – Success Is Certain
07. Phonte – Charity Starts At Home
06. 50 Cent – The Big 10
05. Reks – R.E.K.S.
04. M.O.P. & Snowgoons – Sparta
03. Evidence – Cats & Dogs
02. 9th Wonder – The Wonder Years
01. Game – The R.E.D. Album

The Game's Red Nation featured in 'Contraband' Trailer

Thursday, January 19, 2012

James Brown - A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroad Before He Finds Himself

Lil Wayne’s TRUKFIT Clothing Line

Young Jeezy - TM103

1. "Waiting"
Jeezy opens "TM:103" by stating the obvious to the blocks and blogs, they've been "waiting on 103."

2. "What I Do (Just LIke That)"
Jeezy gives us a play-by-play track of his day to day on the trippy Drumma Boy-produced track.

3. "OJ" feat. Fabolous and Jadakiss
Young correlates the clearance of street hustling with O.J. Simpson' s relieve of charge. Two NY finests join in on the wordplay.

4. "Nothing"
"Nothing" is a direct message to the haters: Jeezy made himself into something.

5. "Way Too Gone" feat. Future
Jeezy boasts his champagne living has him gone, over Mike Will outerspace soundscapes.

6. "Supafreak" feat. 2 Chainz
An austere banger in the vein of "Recession's" "By The Way," but 2 Chainz sounds out of place.

7. "All We Do"
"All we do is smoke and fuck, smoke and fuck," Jeezy rasps, quickly explaining why "TM103" took so long to finish.

8. "Leave You Alone" feat. Ne-Yo
Piano loops, subtle synths and classiness courtesy of Ne-Yo make this a winner.

9. "Everythang"
Vivid descriptions of Jeezy's hustling days are offset by a celebratory but forgettable hook.

10. "Trapped" feat. Jill Scott
Ms. Scott and Jeezy spar over J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League's opulent production, and an unexpected collaboration pays dividends.

11. "F.A.M.E." feat. T.I.
Stunning single features upfront introspection from two Atlanta heavyweights, but the beat seals the deal.

12. "I Do" feat. Jay-Z and Andre 3000
"International Player's Anthem," four years later. Jeezy combs the crowd for a bride, while Hov and Three-Stacks toast l-o-v-e.

13. "Higher Learning" feat. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude and Mitchelle'l
Shockingly, a song called "Higher Learning" with Snoop Dogg is about weed. Soulful paean to that green is a serviceable posse cut.

14. "This One's For You" feat. Trick Daddy
Young salutes his fans, while Trick Daddy returns and bemoans young dudes wearing "tight shirts and skinnies."


Young Jeezy Performs "I Do" and "Lose My Mind" Medley

Watch Young Jeezy - 38 (Mini-Movie) here

Young Jeezy - A Hustlerz Ambition (Documentary)

Young Jeezy - TM:103 Listening Session At Patchwerk Studios

Jeezy's Bio:
No matter what is being supplied, a hustler is only as good as his word. With Atlanta serving up some of the hottest product in the rap game, native son Young Jeezy stands as one of the most exciting merchants of cool to emerge in years. Thanks to underground testimonials like "Air Forces" and "Chuuch," Jeezy's street swagger and authentic style has quickly made believers out of some the biggest players in the game, from Fabolous to P. Diddy. In his native Atlanta, and throughout the south, Young Jeezy has created nothing short of a movement. Now the world will get to find out what insiders have been buzzing about when his Def Jam debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 drops this summer.

Like many hustlers on the mic, rapping wasn't in Jeezy's original game plan. As CEO of Corporate Thug Entertainment, Jeezy was content to stack his paper from the background.

"Before music I was just trying to survive out this motherfucker. I had other artists, some local cats off the street, but it didn't work out," explains the twenty-five year old Georgia native. "So I just decided to do it myself. Ain't nobody gonna go as hard as you gonna go. I saw the bigger picture at the time. I have a way with words and I know how to hustle."

Having lost many things in his life-- family, friends and time (a prison bid that he doesn't like to give too much light)--Jeezy had a sense of urgency about his music. So he hit the mixtape circuit with exclusive tracks recorded with longtime collaborator Shawty Red. With over 100,000 mixtapes and over 200,000 Trap Or Die DVD's sold in a little more than a year, Def Jam decided to invest in the youngster and made him the most recent signee to the label.

"Basically, I'm a real nigga so I can relate more to a lot of cats," Jeezy says of his appeal. " I don't just do music for the clubs, I do music for the struggle. I do music for everyday niggas, the kids who ain't got no sense of direction. I'm trying to restore some of the morals back into the game, as far as the street."

What sets Young Jeezy's music apart is his ability to bring color and flash to a story that has been told so many times before. He's a true digital age artist who doesn't need 16 bars to develop a picture in your head. When he snaps off a verse the image is simple enough for everyone to feel it instantly.

"In one night ten bitches, eight bottles of Cris/forty grand just to make you stare at my wrist" he rattles off on his hit "Air Forces." Jeezy's undeniable swagger has made everyone from UGK's Bun B to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs stand up and take notice. But it's the folks grinding from day-to-day that will get the most out of Jeezy's street scriptures.

"I'm just real to myself. Just believing in what I can do. If you have goals it gives a nigga something to be motivated about," he says. "We stood on the same concrete at one time. With the same mindframe. My stuff is to motivate them. Letting you know where I'm from and what I've seen so you can get something out of it."

The streets responded by snatching up his mixtapes by the trunkload. But now that he has fans on the hook, Jeezy is ready to reel them in slow with this full length.

"I did the mixtape run, but on mixtapes you can't really give people you," he reasons. " I think people will really relate to the album. I ain't come into this for no broads or a wristwatch or a car. I came into this shit for a spot. I'mma reality kicker. I'm not gonna tell you what you wanna hear because it sounds good, I'mma give it to you raw."

Songs like the revealing "Let Me Talk To 'Em" show Jeezy apologizing for many of the wrongs in his life and attempting to set the next generation straight about the dark side of life in the traps. "A lot of the cats I looked up to that bought me school clothes and things I lost them," he says. "That's why I'm here now."

Setting the backdrop for his reality are producers Mannie Fresh - who's "Boom Boom Clap" powers Let's Get It's searing first single "And The What" - Jazze Pha and Shawty Red to name a few. The guest line up is a who's who of southern rap, but there will be plenty of Young Jeezy to bump from the coups to the corners.

"My whole thing is I want to restore some more morals back to this street shit," he concludes. "Niggas listen to niggas who rap. I just wanna feed the streets."

Jeezy vids available via and