Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Game Time

Happy birthday to my fav. West Coast rapper, The Game

Black WallStreet!!!

Hustler's Video

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pain In The A$$

Just came back from clinic, when I woke up early this afternoon, I had some pain at lower back of my body. After I sat down at my desk like every regular Monday that I hate, The pain got worst! Walking to the loo took me about 5 minutes when I am able to do so in less than 2 minutes. The doctor gave me an injection to my bum, kinda pain so I call this pain the ass case.

Now my ass in a bit pain and so is my lower back, sigh...

Here goes what happened last week :)

New Yogi B's collabo vid shown on an Astro channel.

saman distribution at Sec 14 PJ

snack of the day:

Jam at LDP that I face every f**kin' Friday!

Mozerella cheese Naan at William's.

Service my car

wtf?! need i say more? rappers can't rhyme no more is it? F**K every rapper that needs a book like this, is hip hop dyin' ?

My new lepak joint!

Belated birthday present from big brother.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Celebrate Raya together, besides ridin' together

Throw's 'em M, that's how we used to rep our set!

throw your M's up in the sky!

M for Monster

few months back:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Weekend

Free Movie at 1U Damansara:

Dinner at The Curve:

Pics taken during my visit to Nivo Entertainment yesterday.

the track "wait wait" by Chervee plug in on 26 nov at MYFM radio. Her album is slotted to release on the 3rd of Jan 2008. More info about it soon.

gonna listen to this real soon...

I am still listening to:

Still loving:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthday Thought

Sky's the Limit?

The night before I didn't sleep (i.e. 14 nov night), but on 15th Nov., I slept like an hour then woke up, flipped my cell and meet up with a friend, tht friend baught me a nice meal and dope tiramisu too :)

I am feeling good that friends keeping my quote and use it "Try now better than regret later."

like Tip said BIG SHIT poppin, lil' shit stoppin'!

like Buzz Lightyear says To Infinity and Beyond.

Early week, I saw a kitten in the office.

Had mamak food for lunch with my lunch partner.

Going to watch this real soon.

Now I know I aint the only one in the world with wierd head shape :)

Nice tatts Chris