Monday, November 21, 2005


  Last Friday night, my and a group of friends went to a haunted house near Zoo Negara. It is called Frenzy's House.

  I agreed to go into the house, after I went behind the house's gate, I felt something was wrong. After every1 went down the stairs, I went outside and told AhFad something was wrong. Then I went wee wee by the side. I felt something again and went behind the house's gate and looked around and came out of the place again.

  After 10 minutes, Jaja and another guy saw something and started to cry. The guy said "Gotta go now!” Then Jaja forced Ahfad to take her away from that place. AhFad asked any1 wanted to tag along, I offer myself, I drove my car and meet the 1/2 way as I gotta do something on the way(something illegal).

  AhFad forced Jaja into my car, and then Jaja showed here and there while I thought that guy was her boyfriend and we are looking for him. I somehow ended at the T junction then drove to a petrol station. AhFad cooled her down. Then only AhFad told me that there was a black shadow staring at them. Sounds creepy? Allow me take you there, then you decide!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

got cake !

  I just got a big White Chocolate cake from my team , EMEA Capricorn. I was so touched. I was at deep depression. I never imagine a cake could put a smile on my face. I still got a smirk on my face. I love the message on the cake. Not to be cocky, but the cake was big. When I went home, I hope not to think about my problem tonite. JD gave me words that encouraged me to hold on and be strong. I was happy that Ratha, Rem,Dev and Gops wished me too.

  I hope to, will try! A brighter day ahead is far for me. When will that 1 day come? I guess the day will be the day god come and talk to me.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Congrats JD

  Yesterday, we had a mini celebration for Miss Josephine Daniels @ JD at Bulldog which is located at Hartamas. There was a small cute little cake for her to cut after the meal.

  To be honest, me and Raja went to Pizza Hut to eat first due to budget. I am financially unstabil due to my new wife Miss WNJ3*5*. Then we headed there. When I arrived everyone was there (but some people arrived later than me). I sat there drinking beer while others just starting to enjoy their meal. After everyone finished their meal, JD cut the yummy chocolate cake and continue drinking.

The yummy chocolate cake

JD is so happy when she's cutting the chocolate cake

Yammmm Seng @ cheers everyone!

   After the meal, we decided to go to a club, Karma i think but the place was not nice at all. Myself, Razman and David ate some lok lok before we head back to bulldog. All of a sudden Rem and Dev arrived, late as usual. The whole gang decided to go back to Bulldog. When we were at Bulldog , we drank. All of a sudden JD and Maria decided to go home. As for the guys, well we went to Kampung Baru and had sup kambing before i send Raja home.

From Left: Rem, JD, Dush, me and Maria

From Left: Hiew and JD

From Left: me and Maria

From Left: Rem, Ben and Dev. Ben is surrounded by the Kaituntas twins

From Left: Hiew, me, Raja and Remy

From Left: Jam and Hiew

Is Yat Mun @ Daniel drunk or sleepy?