Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday R.E.

Happy birthday to my fav. producer and beat maker (that sh*+ you made for me doper than dope) and my brother from another mother, partner in crime for MajoR TV!

P.S.: All y'all punk a$$ beatmaker out there can now kiss his ass and get your dusty wack a$$ shit that you call a beat n throw it in the m*therF**kin' recycle bin!

V Rec baby... NUFF SAID

I Get Money Dance

Friday, March 28, 2008


I aint got prob to clap on their p*nk a$s I swear

They can't retaliate and dissapear through thin air

laugin' after readin' rap fans complainin' while bloggin'

in reality they be actin' like a bitch c*ck suckin'

now here's to some gave hate and wanna attack

so I gotta do the same with air tight facts

you try to diss but miss and that's frontin'?

I'm laughin' cuz all I hear is you yappin'

here's a reality check cuz you been on my d*ck

I ignored you cuz you're just total bullsh*+

keep talkin about me? owh b!+ch please

you're like bitch awaiting cumshot on you're knees

it's fake when you messaged me with well wishes

you only belong to pack of groupie and bitches

now you're left as a dumbfound motherf**ker

this is the old ice who's anger blow like ether

The Game - Before L.A.X Mixtape

L.A.X. is my most anticipated upcoming album, as for local albums? Only V Rec or V Rec related :P

Yeah ?!

Sneak Peek: Upcomin' Voyeurizm Tees

Who Cares?

It's OK!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Point Blanc and Jin At Rum Jungle Ipoh

Sneak Peak for Ipoh Mali Part II, don't forget this is a Major RE production y'all.

Where the f**K else you get this exclusive ?!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

KFC Burger

I guess Ramlee burger that's sold by 7 Eleven comes in bigger portion, sigh... I guess b!+ch ass C are planning to make their burger same size like 'em itsy bitsy small size like White Castle.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thought For Today

Ice came to KL from Penang with a dream

new place to be seen as I make the cream

still "a nice day to be alive" so I gotta grind

I'm still the old me cuz that's me in my mind

I aint Ja so they aint need to holla holla

I'm a Penangite so never will be game over

lames so guilable comin' at me with worst aims

I aint bother cuz i'm in the fast lane

they says "he's over" must be dumb mutherfucker

they must have forgot this is just a "Monster"

mindstate of "ready to die" like B.I.G.

I got "all Eyes on me" but I aint Makaveli

this aint game but this is "the documentary"

I'm still laughin' loud like I'm 50

hate it or love it i'm goin' to my big dreams

just like Ipoh Mali collaborated with Jin

I feel like Pac in 96 when he stopped talkin' to Snoop, then again I might reach an end like Game after Documentary when Dre decided to leave Game but Game was in denial. I feel like Eazy cuz I am still on 100 miles and running.

Crazy ass thought, walk away from all bullsh*+? Nah!

I'll let bitches get at y'all. there's this b*tch called karma who's lesbo partner is drama will get at y'all fake @$$ b!+ches, while the b*tch I really want is mulah. NUFF SAID for today's thought!

Would this be my conscience, nah this just plain nonsence! What it do ?! Keep hatin' me till' infinity motherf**kers !

Monday, March 24, 2008

Random - Greatest Weekend So Far

1st thing we saw as we enter Ipoh.. damnnn

Big bro the driver while I be the navigator

That's how we roll yo

BBP and X in Ipoh City!

must have if your in Ipoh (for me i.e.)

After a sumptous meal, we decided to chill at the biggest Old town White Coffee's biggest joint at Ipoh city.

What I had:

We all went to see Jin's performance at Playaz Club

After that...

BBP and X

Next day, early at tea time, again... must have

X and Ah Jia

Zach of DFS


Rum Jungle Ipoh

The gang without me... cuz I was the photographer

from left: BBP, Zach,PB and X

Aint that the guy who did Ipoh Mali song ?!

Hottest girl that appeared in Ipoh Mali vid, Naomi

she was standing next to me in the vid yo

Jing Hui, see you real soon... I hope :)

After show meal, as usual

Last day at Ipoh city

We are to shoot something, short meal before anything...

Nah, It aint Bapesta y'all :P we be rockin...

Do your guess :P

After video shoot... what video?

Come back here (my blog)

& find out :P

3 days away from Damansara, damnn tiring if you know what I mean

To all y'all motherf**kin' haters out there,

mind your motherf**kin' business...

F**K all y'all