Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cracked (16)

seems like it's funny how 2 days made you wonder

thing aint what they seem and i think tougher

baby girl got a fall-head like Rihanna

do she mind if her man drive a Kelisa?

owh well, i'd sell away all my kicks

to pay a ticket to go whereever u wanna meet

i think i start to work hard to get my flow

like a rapper hoping for album sales minimum gold

your man say he'd die for you, you kno i'd do the same

cuz to do sh!t it's how i relieve the pain

it's the aftermath of the power of p-u-s-s-y

i admit that it's what made my heart died

i'm always there to be to hold you down

ur wht's worth to die for and i b around

if shit dun work we b like bow wow and ciara

i dun expect shit to happen but i'd want u ma

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random Pic

took this pic while I was on my way to somewhere :)

Who's the Baldie?

I was lepaking at a friend's house when I took this pic. My house do not have connection to any TV channel. I saw it on 2 occasions.. haha.. funny to see it cuz never ever I imagine seeing this again after I saw at Point's house.

My Pizza

Taken 26 May 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Officially UNreleased

AUDIO: Unreleased Tracks By The Game

The Game - Still Me

The Game - Won't Stop

The Game - My Bitch

The Game - Beautiful Life

The Game - Murda

The Game - Around The Way

source :

My fav. track is "Around The Way", a love song.. haha.. BWS haha

Interesting Pics I found on the Internet

Weapon X performance at Laundry Bar, I think they are performing the tack 6Mcs

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Streething x Sole Obsession

for further information, go to

latest update

Nike Air Force 1 Low LTD (Seamless Edition)

AJ3 Pure $

Air Max 90

Nike Dunks Supreme

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Big Shit Poppin, & Lil' Shit Stoppin'

I am refering to the first single from his up-coming album, T.I. Vs. T.I.P.. 1 word, i.e. dope!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Aint It Funny?

i kinda thought it's funny, about 10 years ago I wished that I knew Point as a person. Regularly lepak-ing with him and all.

Last Sat. afternoon I was at his home with his mum and dad. For the first time I saw myself appeared on TV for the MET show and I thought I was dreaming. Was I?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Controversy? NO!


*Wikipedia - The derogatory colloquialism Ipoh mali (misspelled from Malay: “Ipoh mari”; literally “from Ipoh”) refers to the social escorts that accompanied the many millionaires and businessmen in the city. Essentially means ‘Prostitutes’.

for Point, Ipoh Mali is a song for himself and it is to inspire people from Ipoh that their dream can come true.

do people treat Wikipedia as a guide like Oxford dictionary? Slang or lingo are often used in daily live, e.g. the word kupang which means cent. Aint because we are imitating the American Hip hop community. The particular article has given me more rage than to Point. I noticed that when I called him earlier this afternoon.

I know people are stupid to believe everything they hear. I mean look at the community, some one talk shit about you to other, the listeners chose to believe than to judge it themselves. That is one of a reason I keep my distance from people I used to call friend.

Now back to the lingo or slang or jargon. As e.g. Bahasa Melayu or we M'sians calls it BM, different states have their own way or pronouncing it or use words that are not in kamus. As for the people comment on the page, I think you people are simple minded people who believe 100% what they read before knowing the fact. stupid is as stupid does.

My respond to Point's blog:

excaliber said...
well b!+ches are dumb, it's so vivd that they are on the net 24/7 on the net or in a room. I mean look at the a$$ h0le, u can tell tht f*ck£r believed everything he read on the net, IF there's a pic of his mother and says that his mother a prostitute, will he believe that tht's a fact?

slang is everywhere, i mean e.g. BM, ppl says use it their own way, tht's y every state's BM are different

Before I end this topic,a known Malay M'sian rapper (not to be named and it is not Point)told me what he think of the word Ipoh Mali, he replied "from ipoh la".

FYI, Bak datang means bring it on.

Now what those idiot gonna say if Wikipedia post that bak datang means penis.

heard of the phase It is better to remain as a fool than to speak and prove it. well, these idiots just proove ..

PJ City

Below is a pic of PJ City. The area where I work and close to where I stay. I took it while visiting a friend.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Read All About It

I caught someone reading about himself at Borders, The Curve.

Monday, May 07, 2007

1 Weekend

Yes sir, that's me holding Blackberry in may car. JuzHeardd :P

Finally, target is reached. Pic above says it all. Thanks to the voters that helped Ipoh Mali No. 1. V Rec really appreciates it. Please do continue to vote for the track.

To be honest I didn't know about it till' I stepped into Point's house, when Miss Gladys told me I was like "sure or not? how you know?".. hehe.. no negative thought just how they know before it was announce on the radio? Well that is because it was stated in the website, hehe.. modern technology la :P

I saw few of P's new Air Force 1s... damn kao kao kao KAO racun.. hehe.. like I say "all this s*t is all about racun, it i aint got it i'd cop it soon".

How to Vote?

You can either call 03 9543 3311/8888 and ask them to play the song.

Or vote online. All you have to do is signup for an epass which lets you in turn vote for all their ASTRO group or radio stations. After you have signed up,

go to

and then

We went to AmCorp Mall and meet up with R.E. @ Beat Boi. We bump into Yogi at our fav. book store.

After that we picked up Kelvin and head to 1U to have a meal and also jalan-jalan.

I'm back at junk food or whatever you call it. I spotted Hiro and seem to eating about 10 packs of it a day. Still at old price RM0.30, but the size is smaller.

I still racun:

I found few nice pics of 2pac online recently.