Friday, March 24, 2006


I just got myself a new toy, much to my delight! My old cell have a lot of problem so I decided to stop topping up the amount to keep it in good condition. It'll be better if I use the money and top-up the credit. Maxis makes some money out of me.

What can my phone do?

Take short videos

Take pictures

Transfer files via bluetooth or USB port

Watch videos

Listen to MP3

But the most important thing, I'm using a flip again.

My new cell is the Motorola V360.

Motorola V360

1 thing for sure is, I'll never throw this to the wall like I did to the old phone. It aint my fault, it's my anger.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Card

    Yes sir, I just received a new card. Nope, it's not credit card but employee card. Now I'm gonna have a new problem. I am so use to the old access code but now I have to use new access code. All I need is time to get used to the new access code. What is the access code again?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


   Have you ever meet someone who is like you? I finally found one. We are alike in most things. When I 1st saw his pics at Friendster, I was like "Where got?" But my friend and her friend seems to agree on that. He told me that day when we yam cha at Bistari, Hartamas, that his girlfriend onced pointed at me when she saw me at The Curve, Damansara and that time he agreed he is like me.Maybe our face is different. I am still counting how many people are gonna say that X and Terry is like a pair of twins. His name is Terry.

1. We both like hip hop/ rap music.

2. We both use scooters.

3. We clad in hip hop dress code while we ride our scoot.(jersey)

4. We are bald. We shaves ourselves.

5. We are not ashamed dressing hip hop style.

6. We love New Era caps. He have more than I do.

7. We both have tatts. We both have different concept.

8. We both have the chinky eyes. We both are chinese.

9. We wear proper office attires when we go to the office.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Go Baby, It's your Birthday

After a short nap (which is 4 hours) I have to go to KTM KL to pick up my parents and Jim to go to my aunt's house at Bangsar, then go to my sister's house at Subang. My sister called me about 11A.M. to remind me that I have to pick them up. I thought the location was Pudu but I was wrong. My sister told me that the place is KTM. I was like “Cool” but I do not know how to get there. I was thinking who to call. I thought of few names. Some that I even lost touch with. So I called my sister and asked her how to get there. After I got the direction, I was relieved. I listen to music. When the time was right, I drove to Shell and fill in some petrol. Then I went and picked them up.

I was sleepy. As a result, my driving skill was extremely bad. I was too lazy to use signal light. (I normally use it ok!). We went to my aunt’s house and my uncle was there as the welcoming committee. Then we headed to another uncle’s house which is 5 minutes away so my father can collect my uncle’s car. I dropped my father there, and then I took my mother and Jim to my sister’s house. On the way, I showed my mother where I work and live. She then says that she do not like where I stay and insisted that I find a new room. (Easier to be said than done)

When I was there, I fell asleep while waiting for my father. My mother woke me up. My parents, my sister, my bother-in-law, Jim and me went to eat and buy stuff. After that we went back to my sister’s house. Then I sleep again. When mother woke me up again, it’s the real event of the day. It is Isabelle’s birthday party. I met a lot of relatives. The weird part is, I met my cousin. She’s all grown up. The last time I saw her was 10 years ago, I think. Isabelle’s birthday cake was huge. Her first birthday cake from Berry’s. It was such a huge cake.It is as big as a table. The picture was Snoopy. The party ended about 10.30PM.

As for the rest of the night, I went to pick up Raja and then meet Fiq at Bangsar for another meal, but what I did was drink my favorite teh ais. After that, it is my usual makan place.

Note: To go to KTM station from Federal Highway, go to Jalan Bangsar, then go straight all the way. If you see the museum on the left, you are on the right track. Go straight till you see KTM on the right.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where'd You Go

This track is my favourite for Fort Minor's The Rising Tied album. This is a sad song. I highly recomend that you play this track if you miss someone you lose touch with or at times when you wonder what is happening with someone you know or close with.

Anyway, I love the lyric of this track. View the video and drop a comment about the video and song.

Where'd You Go - Fort Minor Feat. Holly Brook

Source :

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


As I am reading a new entry of a friend’s blog, it got me thinking of my past. The time started way before I have knowledge in sex. Way before I have interest in girls. I was below 10 that time. I grew up without my father. My father was working in the sales line and was rarely at home. My father works at another state. Kuala Lumpur was one of them. It is where I am today. It’ll be like months before I see him. I never knew him much. My mother was still working as a clerk.


I hung around with the Thugs, and even though they sold drugs

They showed a young brother love

When I was in was in the 1st year of high school, I was still a little boy who was in a mild lifestyle. My grandfather passed away. I had a group of friends. Amazingly, I still remember their names. Hussein Bin Aja and Velen. We were like the group of 3 boys having good times. Yes, 3 boys with different races. Stealing stuff from P.Ramlee's house, racing with our cheap bicycles and a lot more. You know, weird stuff boys do for fun. I and Hussein became closer as we love to smoke. When I stepped into the second year, things became worse. I became close with older boys and I was their adopted little brother. I started to live in negativity. Skipping school was fun and was included in my daily routine. I even skipped school using a pass that was meant for students to leave school so they can go to general hospital. It was not peer pressure, I wanted to be cool.

I can’t remember when my father started staying with me and my mother, sis and bro. I never did care about that that time. But lately, I am proud of myself. I am close with them. Closer than we used to be. Guess time change a person. It’s rare that people change for the better like me. Come to think of it, I am surprised I am doing better than what I have expected. I have a proper low education with a good job. I remember vividly that I wanted to work when I was in the 4th year of high scool. Most of my fiends did work at that time. I've never imagined that I will be living in KL. Have my own car.

Elton John:

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane

I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye

God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes

I have to be grateful that my sister thought of helping me else I won't be studying at Systematic College and might be working on an odd job with extreme low wage. I didn't see her for few years after that because at that time she was studing at KL then proceed at Glasgow, Scotland. But now, she is having a great job, she'll be starting on a better job. She is happily married with a beautiful daughter, Isabelle. Miss Isabelle Khang will be celebrating her 1st birthday this Saturday.


There are a few things to do before I get married. That is to live my childhood dreams. Seems hard but I am willing to work for it. If you are curious to know, you claim to know me. You should have the answer. It has just begun. Will I win? Only time will tell.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dream Machine

I rarely read blogs that is on Friendster. But I came across an interesting blog. The material she writes is indeed impressive. How often do a writer writes about Narcissus? I've just messaged her to read and comment on my blog. I do hope she does. Like Sonic the Hedgehog would say "I'm waiting !"

Her blog is located at

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back Up

After agreeing with Raja, I finally joined the group Naughty G. The group consists of me, Raja and Mei. We were supposed to perform 3 tracks. I was the hype man for that day. I was lazy so I decided it to be that way.

The 3 of us arrived the scene late. It was due to the jam in KL. Aint my fault, suppose to be there by 3PM but we end up reaching there about 4.30PM. After I parked my car, the 3 of us walked to the club. The club was small but the crowd was filled with adolescents above 19. I was chilling and checking around but being worried about Mei. You know how older brother takes care of his little sister. She just took SPM, so you can guess her age.

After few performances, someone there was attacked with babi sawan. An emcee from PSB Crew took camera and recorded all the way. So the gig stopped about 5 minutes. Once a while, I went out to smoke. I just felt that I want to be alone for a while.

After a while, it was contest time, the emcee called 2 girls, all of sudden he called me. I had to be supportive since I am the one of the performers that day. I was forced to dance with 2 girls while the club was playing the track Gold Digger by Kanye. I never listen to the track before. The emcee made the 2 girls sandwich me. What else? I took the opportunity to feel their breast while the 1 in front to give me a tip drill. I got a free CD. You know, I love freebies.

We were the last performers, Raja was worried that there will be no supporters and keep asking me. I keep telling "him up to you". In my head, I remembered my friend told me last Friday that I must do my shit no matter what. It aint fair that Raja's and Mei's microphone was perfect but mine aint. But in my heart insisted that I must do it since a friend encouraged me to do it. I did the chorus for the 2 songs that Raja decided on, Lean Back and Numbcore. I did the intro, add lips and Chester Bennington's part. Much to my amaze, Raw N G hopped on the stage for us, brought their fans for us, the support was good. Pee(of Raw N G) was shirtless and bouncing next to me. What am I waiting for? I moved aside and removed my colar t-shirt to show off my tatts too. The one that received the most response was Mei. I was proud of her and happy to be part of the group. 1 thing I hate for that day was I was performing songs that I never listen to. I will perform a track alone for the next group's performance. It's Raja's and Mei's turn to be the back up for me.

As we were about to leave, I asked where's next, he said that he wanted to eat with Ejay of Junior Hustlaz. My heart was like hoping to lepak with Raw N G and Ah Bad. That's why I keep insisting Ah Bad to eat at KLCC. Maybe next round we will go our seperate ways after performance. My favourite performance for that day was non other than Raw N G. I managed to lepak a bit with them outside after the gig.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another Fucked UP Landlord

Latest Real Beef?

Here's the breakdown

Last Monday(this week), after i went home, there was no place for me to move my scooter to the parking space for my scooter. I went to Simi's room and asked him nicely to move his car to the side a bit. He answered me nicely back "ok". Then he invited me to his restaurant’s opening (which is today). I told him that I could not make it as I will be working. As I was about to leave, he told me that he wanted back the mattress that was provided to me (this is inclusive of the monthly room rental, RM350nett). I asked him why was I given a short notice and it is not fair to me. He claimed he told me earlier and I agreed. He offered to take me to go buy new mattress. He also mentioned his new tenants have paid for it. In my heart I said "I pay monthly OK?! If you cannot provide your new tenant what you promised, it is your problem. Not mine." He then said " I helped you a lot." After a little argument he asked “Does that mean you want to move out?" I was thinking if I can ask him nicely, why do he need to be a sore loser and in a way to ask me to move out because of a mattress? Now, just because you cannot provide your new tenant mattress as you promised, does that mean you have make me return you? Yes I owe you room rental due to my room mate moved out. What about I left my boo in the room to help you stick advertisements all over PJ to advertise your room? (that night, a couple got caught "tangkap basah" my ex-boo was scared). I helped Devan to clean up the messy house, you have the nerve to rent out a dirty room and keep giving empty promise that a maid will come and clean it. You rent the bigger room same price and lied to me that it was more expensive. Your maid is suppose to clean my current room before I move from the old room to the current room. He lie to another and keep giving empty promises, you got the guts to call him "bro"? What the F..K? Can you live that? Dissing others and saying other people are bad person while you are worst? Is that how you gonna live? Is that how you gonna teach your kids? Really, you want yourself to be worse than those you have mock? You wanna be like that forever? forever ever? ever?

Last night, it is clearly known that 1 of the mattress in the room is mine. He complained about me blasting music loud. Then, he pretends to say sorry. He came in to my room, open the bed sheet himself to double confirm IF 1 is really mine. I have decided to find another room to let and move out as soon as possible. It is a known fact that if I move out immediately, he will not return me my deposit. He enters a tenant’s room when the tenant is not in the house.

Wheels of wisdom turn turn turn,

What is the lesson I should learn?

Moral of the story

trust your friends who you know you can trust and depend on.

An example, Suben(my Suge Knight).

Friends who give matured advice. Example Vixx, Remy and Fiq.

And if you know one can never be trusted, never put a single trust.

From the first day I knew Simi was fucked up, but due to a reason I gave him a chance. He helped me to proof what others told me about him is true. He is one person who do not deserve respect and trust. BUT as part of conclusion, in this world there could be a single punjabi that one can trust.

Baby Got back

   After few days patiently waiting to collect my baby, a friend took me to Perodua service center (which is located at PJ Section 19) to collect my car. To change the alarm box was RM190. The total of the bill is RM290.00. What I noticed the most was the stench in my car. I was so sad but a bit of joy as my baby is back.