Tuesday, August 30, 2005

r.i.p. annie

   My scoot a.k.a. Annie died yesterday on the way to CSA around 8.55 a.m.
She was my best friend, went everywhere with her for so many years. After sending her to the shop, I found out that there's many parts in her that is not working. The electricity flow was normal. The stupid shop PJ Wong wanted me to pay RM130 to put her back to 1. I did not want to repair Annie as there's no point to and they can guarentee Annie will be in good shape for long. I guess this time I have to say goodbye to Annie. So many places we been to together for so many years. The estimated repair bill was RM800.

Monday, August 29, 2005


I thought it'll be another Saturday, drink beer at Bulldog, Hartamas. I never expected that I will experience watching.

Date: 27 Aug
Venue: Bollywood, KL

   I went to that place with a few friends, I was in shock cuz I saw something different in my life. I was in club where people dance to Bhangra music and the next room, the dancers was geeting money easily.

   How they do that? Allow me to tell y'all. Read up, I got a story to tell. The customer calls them, the dancers walked to them, do anything(without striping of removing their clothes) e.g. roll their hair, wiggle their ass and they'll get like RM50 -RM150 for doing that.

   After That, we went to Bak Kut Teh, I had something new that is Garlic rice. Never heard of that in Penang.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

clean environment?

   Living with a dirty monkey is indeed hard (not literally) is like living in the zoo.
My current housemate leaves very dirty stuff all over the house.

A few things I can’t stand:
Cigarette butts in the toilet bowl and on the floor of the living room.
Dirty kitchen utensils and plates left for the next 1 year to be cleaned.
Leave his dirty boxers in the toile

Greasy floor in the kitchen, have the floor turned to a frying pan?

No smoking in the house !
is what I hope Dev would agree
as me, Dev and Tasha do not
smoke in the house.

How long will the last? I do not plan to move again if possible. I am tired of moving!

I never imagine myself to be someone who can't stand living in a dirty environment as I am a lazy person.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Rest In Peace

 My dear cat, Fluffy passed away this morning.After struggling with a lump in his body and surgery, he did not made it.

 Reminisce, it was a fat black Persian cat. I bought it and gave to Aimi as a present. It was few months old that time, just a kitten. I put him a box, hid it in my hosemate's room. Later when Aimi came home I gave her fluffy. I decided to get her fluffy after I knew that she really like cats. Visits to friends home. At first she didn't like fluffy, but as time goes by she loved that fat cat. It was a lazy cat, you may say it's a bit like Garfield.

 Never knew the sad ending would come so soon.

what the f.......

   I went back Last thursday to Sunday for Aimi's convocation. Not a pleasent weekend. I get to enjoy a hazeless day only. Penang was filled with haze.
I remembered that I sms-ed a collegue stating there's no haze and the reply was "You lucky devil". The day after, haze appeared all over like what I experienced in PJ for sometime.

   Did my surgery on Sunday for the second time before coming back to PJ. I left the haze back in Penang while enjoying the clear view in KL and PJ.

   After 10 minters at work, Jo gave me a free surgical mask, but the haze is gone but it's all good. Will keep it. Why? As if you don't know, I love freebies.

   Rem came to me today saying that the car loan was rejected due to the amount. Well, my dad, dad's friend, Remy and Dush are helping me to look for a Kelisa. Question is when. Annie(my scooter)is dying. Fluffy is dying.
Like Pac said"Go on baby scream to God, he can't hear you."

If 6 stiches means nothing, will failure means anything? Do the Maths!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

cleanin, sanitation?

  After moving in to the new place with Dev, Tasha, Cesar & Peter, finally cleaning up. How many of you knows that I hate to stay at somewhere that is dirty. I'm at a dirty state of mind but not at such environment.

   Started around 9.20 a.m. finished around 12.30 noon. Damn tiring but love the outcome. It means, no need to wear slippers in the house anymore. We mopped, we scrub and most of all, it's all good now. We spent around RM55.00 to buy the stuff that was needed i.e. brooms, mop, dettol and few more.

  Sadly, at work I was unenergized. It's already Monday, still no answer from you-know-who. Am I getting it ? Well love it or hate it, I have to be patient & wait for the answer.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Why Annie?

Annie, being my
for so many years, ( since 1996 ) might have to go the hospital for a while. She will need some new parts, i.e. battery, alternator and coil. The electricity supply is not moving smoothly anymore. She's like an old lady with blood clot in her body.

  Me & Annie had so many happy years of joy together, been to so many places, seen so many faces. She's still the 1 I adore.
Annie is the name of my Suzuki AN125.

Scooter War3z

   Being a scooterist myself for several years, I have never imagine that there would be a PC game for it. Did you ever thought of it? The Gilera for this game looks cun, don't you agree?

Scooter War3z is a combat racing game featuring ragdoll physics, racing, crashing, and stunts, all in a free-roaming city environment.

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/driving/scooterwar3z/