Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Increase AGAIN

The price of petrol just increase by 30cents for every litre. Every time the petrol price increase, it never affects me in anyway because I was still using Annie (my scoot). I will start to feel the pinch once I get back my car tomorrow because I'll use my car more often.

Few things that I wonder like I was Ja Rule.

Does that mean food price will increase too?

Will my salary increase too? (just being hopeful)

How much do Jim (my brother) have to pay for a litre of petrol when he start using his car>
I wonder.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Birthday Date Meanings

Is your birthday day 16 of the month?

Your Life

You always follow the good and the right instead of listening to your heart. Another word, you are a perfectionist. You care for every word people say about you. You often seen isolated while you are, by nature, curious and a dreamer who is ready to get over the edge to make your dream comes true.

Your Love

You often fall in love with a person who is much different from you, in age and other aspects. Your relationship grows on friendship. Love at fist sight is not your style.

Is it true about me?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Worst Time In My Life

My baby is sick, it all started after clubbing last Saturday night with Raja and Mei. 3 of us went downtown KL to meet Terry and his friends. They call themselves KOF Unit. After out of the club, walking pass the mamak stall, I suggested to Raja to have a drink. Then Mei decided to eat, while eating It started to rain. We had to chill until the rain stop. When I reached my car, the alarm was on. I managed to switched on the engine and accelerate it and move but the alarm was still on. I moved my car to the front and stopped the engine. The alarm was still on, after calling Dev, I tried all that is suggested. My credits is out, Raja asked me to save 2 people’s number. Beside Dev, Fiq came to my mind. I couldn’t get Dev on the line. I called Fiq, I was surprised he picked up the phone and he told me he would come. I was relieved and surprised. 3 of us have to sit in the car. All we could do is to wait for Fiq to help us. I was hoping jumpstart could take me home. I asked Raja to help me but all he is worried is being scolded by his mum.

When Fiq arrived, I felt bad because after trying to jumpstart, the car still fail to start. Fiq was in dreamland when he received my call. I felt really bad, not just my car, my saviour was in deep sleep when I called him. The initial plan for me and Fiq was to test my car to go up Genting.

We went makan and wait for another Kelisa owner’s mechanic to repair my car. Fiq had a drink while I drink and ate a piece of roti canai. My emotion starts to control me. I am extremely sad and pissed because of my car. After the mechanic tested, my car still unable to start. No choice, only option is to toll the car. After sending the 2 back and went to Jalan 222’s Perodua service center, I decided to look at Perodua service center at PJ Sec 19. We went back to the scene and waited for the tow truck. The toll truck took my car to the service center for RM80.00. Both of us dried the floor of the car with a small piece of sponge while waiting for the towtruck. After toll my car, I was in the truck with the driver, I felt asleep on the way.

After my car is at the center, I and Fiq had to wait for 1 hour to register so that my car would be checked on Monday (27 January 2006). I asked a few times and was told to wait for my turn. All of a sudden a couple came and register at the payment counter. So I decided to do the same.

After a tiring event, Fiq and I went to Pandi’s and ate. I went to withdraw some cash before Fiq sent me back home.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Kicks Madness

It was a regular Sunday yesterday, I woke up around 4.30 PM with nothing to do. No plans as usual. I just missed futsal session that I hope to join. It's been a long time since I join a game of futsal. I'm planning for a 1 on 1 with someone.

I smsed Ben twice and he did not answer. So I was like "Selayang green curry?” Well time to call another baldie (he's more round than me). His name is Taufique a.ka. Fiq. I called him, he was at Times Square KL. So what do I have in mind? New handphone. It got to be a flip and the brand has to be a Motorola. Well I gess I look at too many Boost Mobile ads.

After a minor survey, I called Fiq again and meet him at the 6th floor, Times Square.
He was at a shop by the name Residen. The shop is a corner shop. As soon as I just called him, it was finally his turn. It was for a pair "Nike Dunk SB Hawaii 2". It's a limited version. It's damn shinny. Fiq paid RM339 for his pair. He was smiling on the way out of the shop. I was like "It aint for a pair of Hurricanes". I saw so many people waiting for their turn to purchase their pair. It was like 30 people waiting for their turn.

We went to Kenny Rogers to have a good meal after walking around a bit at Times Square. The smallest size for KL cap was 7. My lucky number but the size is not according to New Era. I was free and nuthing on my mind. So I suggested to Fique that I followed him home just in case his car breaks down again. I know the pain if one's transport breakdown and there is no one there to help.

TIPS from Fiq, any good limited kicks can be sold again for a higher price, and ONLY idiots purchase kicks at Zone 5.

I never knew that kicks have good resale value, do you?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You Don't Bring Me Flowers

src="http://2pacboard.free.fr/legacy/ice%20t%20&%202pac%20-%20u%20don't%20bring%20me%20flowers(live).wmv" type="application/x-mplayer2"
width="320" height="265" showcontrols="1" showstatusbar="0" autosize="true" loop="true"
enablecontextmenu="0" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/">

You don't bring me flowers

You don't sing me love songs

You hardly talk to me anymore

When you come through the door

At the end of the day

I remember when

You couldn't wait to love me

Used to hate to leave me

Now after lovin' me late at night

When it's good for you

And you're feeling alright

Well you just roll over

And you turn out the light

And you don't bring me flowers anymore

It used to be so natural

To talk about forever

But 'used to be's' don't count anymore

They just lay on the floor

'Til we sweep them away

And baby, I remember

All the things you taught me

I learned how to laugh

And I learned how to cry

Well I learned how to love

Even learned how to lie

You'd think I could learn

How to tell you goodbye

'Cause you don't bring me flowers anymore

Friday, February 10, 2006

Radical Time

Radical Rascalz<br />

Radical Rascalz

Blast Off Category: Vocal Group

From: Georgetown, Penang

We live by the code: Be Yourself, Be Radical


Shaq - Vocals

Kug’z - Vocals

Westwood - Vocals

Their Story:

For quite some time Shaq and Kug’z could not see eye-to-eye…. artistic minds rarely do. But just before the Blast Off auditions in Penang, they decided to call a truce for the sake of good music. Along with Westwood, they formed RADICAL RASCALZ and gave it a shot. Their sound and image impressed our selection team, enough to make it to the top 10. Will the fragile peace between Shaq and Kug’z crumble under pressure, or will they just go from strength to strength? Only time will tell.

To vote for us:

Mobile: sms VOCAL<SPACE>RADICAL to 32888

Fixed line: Dial 13713, then press 6

Radical Rascalz<br />

Although Radical Rascal got no. 2 for BlastOff Season 2 competition, they lost by just 1%. I would like to congratulate Randal Westwood and his team as they managed to put the name Penang on the map. Hope that there is more to come from Penang.

Radical Rascalz<br />

Makaveli in Bronze

Nine years to the day after Tupac Shakur's passing, the official Unveiling Ceremony for a brand new memorial bronze statue of the late rap legend proved to be a rousing celebration of life. Over 1,000 people turned out for the unveiling, which was held at the Peace Garden at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts (TASCA) on Tuesday, September 13.

Ms. Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother and founder of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF), found the ceremony to be an emotional, yet joyful, experience. Ms. Shakur was overwhelmed by the turnout for the latest addition to the Tupac Center, which recently opened the first of three phases of construction, and will ultimately represent the legacy left behind as Tupac's vision, fully realized through his mother's efforts.

The statue will occupy the center of the 6-acre Peace Garden, surrounded by poetry and quotations from Tupac. The seven-foot sculpture sits atop a three-foot base and features rap's top-selling superstar adorned in a suit (based on an outfit actually worn by Tupac) and holding a copy of his famous book of poetry penned when he was only 19, "The Rose that Grew from Concrete."

Reverend Minister Server led the attendees in an exhilarating, heartening prayer, followed by a moment of silence in memory of Tupac and "all the other fallen souls."

The statue was designed by noted sculptor Tina Allen, who has earned a reputation immortalizing great figures from African-American history ranging from Nat King Cole to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tupac is the first rap star ever to be memorialized in bronze.

Ms. Allen said, "I was deeply moved to see so many people brought to tears upon first seeing the sculpture -- it was clear that something very special had come into all of our lives through this remarkable young poet. Usually, people will applaud or cheer -- but these people were reacting to Tupac's statue on an entirely different level. Every generation picks their own heroes -- and from the incredible display of emotion I was blessed to witness on Tuesday, this generation's hero is clearly Tupac Shakur."

On September 20, Tupac Shakur's poetry is celebrated by some of hip hop's finest with the release of The Rose, Vol. 2, a collection of songs inspired by the poems Tupac wrote as a teenager. The tracks on The Rose, Vol. 2 are original songs written and performed by an impressive list of guests -- including Bone Thugs 'N Harmony, Ludacris, Talib Kwali, Outlawz, Lyfe Jennings and Digital Underground's Shock G (AKA Humpty Hump), the man most responsible for launching 2Pac's solo career.

In order to complete the Tupac Center, the Foundation is still in need of an additional $3 million. For those wishing to contribute, information can be found at these websites:



Wednesday, February 08, 2006


    Annie is back in action. I just put in a new battery which cost me RM70. It was not working the day before. I took the battery to full charge the battery power. I rode Annie to the shop at Old Klang Road for checking. The whole problem is because of the fuis. I change it to a new one. I was extremely happy Annie is good as it was day one. I rode it with full throttle all the way to Hartamas. I rode it to work.