Thursday, June 29, 2006

TIE A Bandana Like Juelz

Aiight, allow to to talk in hip hop lingo fo' this 1 right here! Some y'all aint know the right way to rock 'em bandanas like Juelz. A homeboy was fooled to think there a card-board inside it. I was right when I told 'em that aint the right way. I was right, aiight!!

How to tie like Juelz and look fly?

Follow, Juelz shows it!

If you follow properly, accordingly, and chu' smart enough, ya might look fly like:

Now gimme my motherf**kin' PROPZ if I c ya doin' it!

all day ... lol..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

STILL Traditional

How many Chinese are still wearing the traditional clothing these days? OK, just the top. There was a debate earlier today, come to my blog again real soon. You might disagree so every comment is much appreciated. Coming soon.. Chinese man Story - "Tong Yan Gu Si"

Monday, June 26, 2006

Different Stroke

I can't remember when was the last Saturday I wake up before 1PM. Last Saturday I did. I was late. I quickly SMS and appologise I woke up late. Then, I quickly clean up myself. I need to stay So Fresh So Clean. Thanks to Maria's map, I was there in a jiffy. Thank god everything went OK till I send her to meet her friend at Jln Ampang. It felt like the most perfect start of a day.

Cool bicycle that I spotted at Sg. Wang Plaza, cool huh? It's like in the video "I'm Real" and the video by Tyrese "Baby Boy"

Raspberry flavor, something new to me

Desmond's taking a picture to make his girlfriend jealous. Pretenders, hehe but looks gay. Owh well, thank god they aint!

From left to right. Click on the picture to view a bigger and deffer version of this picture.

Top Row: Chun, Kit, X and Kenny @ Po Po

Middle Row: Melissa, Terry, Jessie and Desmond

Bottom Row: Sam, Jevice and Lucy Liu(her nick, I forgot her real)

Location: Desmond's crib at Jln Ampang

Pool party was cancelled, damn!

Cool monday, got my ais krim potong... hehe..

Vixx new look shock lotsa people... believe that!

My friend's 2 new pair of kicks. The neon yellow damn tempting, I know.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Petaling Jaya is now known as a city. For real or just a late joke for April Fool? The round-about near to my office still unfix since I moved here. The roads, woh well... hmmm... in a simple way, may car wheel-caps will jump out if I speed on the road. OK, not all the roads. Most of the roads. Celebrate? Not now la. Get the roads fixed first. Safe? Hell NO. Remember that guy who got murked in the middle of the night. Came out in the news section in The Star newspaper last year. BUT thank god it wasn't me who is the victim. More complains? Yes there is! Food sucks! Frood price too pricey, if you know what I mean. Cheaper if you eat fast-food like McD, as in economical la.

Monday, June 19, 2006

What's Up?

I'm looking forward to buy a new toy that was tested in my car. It's called a transmitter. I was told that all I need is a transmitter and USD thumb-drive. Gonna get it next month, hopefully.

This is how I love to dress these days. at Times Square KL

Me entering Nouvo KL. It was a cool night. The DJ spinned loads of 2pac's track. Well the day before is 2pac "Makaveli" Shakur's birthday.

Friday, June 16, 2006

What the F..K !

I never knew how it felt like to be in another blogger's page. Now, I do! What upsets me the most is => the pic reminds me of my beef with Pussy G. 2 bitches, Owh well. Another thing is, the pic is a very old pic but uploaded today by that dumba$$. Man, the owner of the blog looks like a f*ckin' f@ggot! 1 word for all this, as I would normally say MAH~HAI!

Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee at SS2


Monday, June 12, 2006

Cool Weekend

I've been using a teared-up wallet for some time now. I've been looking for a good one. Well I am choosy in girls, friends and stuffs that I use. If it's too pricy, I will not buy it. I know, typical me. Keyword is stingy. But i rather call it spend wisely. Finally, I bought a new one at Show Room at Berjaya Times Square.



Lucky charm given to me from mum. She gave me that on 3rd June 2006. I don't remember why I need to put it in my wallet, owh well mama say.


Me and my homeboy (my hero too). Voyeur Records main man, Point chillin' with X.


I'm having the mango flavour. Damn, it's good! No doubt about it.


An interesting show was held at Laundry. Point left too early. He was there to watch the England game. Well, he is a huge fan of England.

Man that chick was giving the man tip-drill. Guess that man had to show his worth, or trying to get between her legs. The man's dance was like a gigolo.


It aint the Batmobile but you can call it a X-Mobile. Just Kidding. :)

Nice places to walk around

Pasar Malam at SEA Park, PJ. I bought a new toy for my car. It is RM18. Now, don't F@#K with me when I'm with my car.

Jalan Alor, nice place to walk around if ur in boredom. Trust me. Pirated audio CD is only RM5nett.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Laugh Now, Cry Later

Ice Cube, definitely 1 of my favorite gangsta rapper. I remembered listening to him when he still has Jheri Curls. No doubt he gave a good performance in the Up In The Smoke tour. He’s also a good actor, no doubt.

Laugh Now, Cry Later. That's the new album from Ice Cube. NWA is back! The 1st track Why We Thugs is a good start. Glad to know that his rhymes is still gangsta, still tight. As for the beats, it still have that West Coast sound. I haven't read The Source, XXL or Vibe yet. I am keen to know how do they rate this album. For me, I think it's another West Coast classic. I personally feels that this is the best Ice Cube album and better than Westside Connection albums.

Ice Cube's official website URL is

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ole Ole

Today is World Cup's 1st big day. Wanna see how it is affecting my collegues?

Remy, is jersey allowed? Checking up with the event? Score?

Shaun and Dush, dressed well for World Cup?

Shaun adjusting the TV while Vixx is waiting for it patiently. Bossy eh Vixx?

Paul, not you too?

Hiew, (huge football fan) must have took annual leave just for this!