Sunday, July 31, 2005

Futsal, anyone?

Futsal is the indoor version of association football (soccer) that is
officially sanctioned by football's international governing body,

the F d ration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), as well as

the Asociacion Mundial de Futsal (AMF). Its name is derived from the

Portuguese phrase futebol de sal o, meaning football (soccer)

for (playing in) a large room.

Taken from

   To be honest, this is a game that I play that I do not know the rules. I just play as if I'm playing soccer. I never aksk about the ruling. Yes, there's like "don't cross that blue line" and some other lines. Just follow, run how you wanna run, defend the goal if you feel you want to be the defender of the day.

   I didn't feel like playing much that day, just wanted my presence to be felt. You know how I make an entrence right?

Moving Out Part II

2nd round,
Dev took me and Aimi in his blue Kelisa, we went to makan. We had Cendol,Fanta Orange and Pasembur. After that we proceed to moved the rest of the stuff. After moving all, time to return the keys.
Steven(old landlord) wanted to refund me in cheque mode. I decline the offer, I told him that I prefer cash. He keep insisting on cheque.
I agreed to accept cheque and will return him the keys after the cheque went through. For that, he also declined.
I got mad and changed my facial expression and said to him

"are you going to refund the money in cash or not? if you don't, I will use the room for another month"

he got mad and went to his room to take his car key to go to bank to withdraw the money. Do angry homophobics love slamming door when they are in an angry mode?
The way he walk is like "budak Kecil mengamuk". Aimi saw him and started laughing.

Dev saw his cockstare and wanted to b!+ch-slap him, I told Dev it aint worth the efford.
Me and Dev had a smoke and waited. Not long after, he came back and went into the house.
Violet, his wife called ,so I went into the house. I saw Steven slamming his door room.
In my heart I was like" dumb@$$, it's your house so why should I care if u slam anything."He refunded the money, after filing a receipt. I just went out and go to new place. My patience made him look like an @$$h0l£.

Moving Out process ends with a joke Part I

Damn right, finaly moved out of the old place, move in to the new place. Under 1 roof with Dev, Tasha and Ceaser(the golden dog). Under 1 roof with woof?

It was a bit dirty. Sorry Dev the truth needs to be out. The house just accomplished renovation. The toilet is dirty too.

1st round,
My sister's father-in-law and sister-in-law helped me to move the big stuff i.e. table, table and big bag. I felt bad as they drove all the way from Subang to PJ sec 17. I do appreciate their time and help.
I was living at Happy Mansion. It was a tiring process. They think that ceaser is big and hug-able.Me and Dev move stuff out of the room to another room. Met another housemate.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Remembered or bitten?

If you have watched the trailer of "Get Rich or Die Trying" movie,

in the end of the trailer 50 Cent said

"I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward"

As a Pac fan, I remembered that line from:

Artist: 2Pac

Album: All Eyez On Me

Song: Only God Can Judge Me


I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward


Click Here to watch the trailer.

Monday, July 25, 2005

KRU, remember them? Part II, performance pics

From left: Norman, Yusry and Edry

Yusry singing while Norman looks on.


Norman, from rapper to singer to one of Malaysia's top businessman.


For mode information, click on the logo below.

KRU, remember them?


   Formerly known as Kami Rappers Unik.

After translation to Engslish, We Are Unique Rappers.

Members are Norman, Edry and Yusry.

   If you can remember they had bunch of hits. Awas, Negatif and Fanatik to name a few.

After so many years, they still rock the crowd.

The following performance pics were taken on 23rd of July 2005

Location: Between Ikea and The Curve, Damansara.

Thinking Members?

Ahli Fiqir

Members are Samsol,Dayat,DJ Jeza and Daly.

The group is from Singapore.

   Clips of Angguk-angguk Geleng-geleng was shown. The video do look interesting though it's mostly done on green screen with editing.
The group claims(in an interview, not too long ago) that they do not listen to western music.
Could it be one of them woke up one fine day and eureka, they got a genre that is known
as hip hop all over the world. Well, I got nothing against them, they just be pulling Stunt 101.
As performers, they did perform well though I remember vividly someone stating that that music is wack.

   I must admit that their performance style was a bit similiar with Teh Tarik Crew. Could it be that they have a DJ with
2 male emcees and 1 female emcee ? The female emcee's headgear? The female emcee the only performer dancing? Well you might be thinking "Is he comparing her to Nina?".
I aint hating on anyone but just a thought.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jin is back

Jin is back, not conviced?

he's back with a new moniker The Emcee.

Click on the images below for PROOF!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Shocked for a while

   I went to a shop at Old Klang Road today to change my scoot's alternator. I bought it at RM85. Reasonable price? Maybe.

   The dumb ah beng told me that the price that I pay is without instalation on my scoot, so f**k it. I did it myself. It was not successful as there is no electric flow in my scoot. I started my scoot and went to Shell( behind Happy Mansion, PJ sec 1*). After withdrawing small amount of money, I could not start my scoot. I pushed it to a side and tried again. This time lady luck was on my side as it could start.

   When I as at the shop, I had to wait for the dumb ah beng to return as the shop refused to refund for a product that I bought less than 15 minutes ago. He tried putting it in and failed. I had to show him that the connecters could not go in. Yes I know, what kind of dumba$$ work as a foreman? After 10 mintues fixing the connectors, it was successfully installed but there is no electricity flow in my scoot. He said it was none of his business. I told that idiot to charge my battery. So he did. He was rude and do not have a good business etiquette.

   After waiting like 30 mintues, he asked his co-worker to fix in ( the battery ). The scoot could not start. Well that time I'm stunt (shocked). Pure idiot who got something to proove but he is unable to proove anything. His co-worker told him that my scoot could not start. His face shows that he is worried. Maybe a bit of regret for not refunding me the money. A senior foreman came, so I told him what was wrong. So I told him what happened. He checked on my scoot. I called Aimi, asked her to call Ben , Remy and Devan as I need their help ( most possibly ). After the call, I went back and finally my scoot could start.

   I spilt immidietly. What the h£!! am I waiting for? I called Ben and told him that I was sorry to bother him in the morning like that. I was relieved that he was not angry.

The shop: Leh Motor

Person:    Gan Eh Liang ( Ah Leh )

Address:   58, Batu 61/2, Rd 18/2, PJ 46000 Selangor.

I took the card, that's how I have the information above.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Penang a.k.a. Pearl of the Orient

Penang a.k.a. Pearl of the Orient,

that is where I grew up, that's where I belong.

Would you agree if we(Penangites) refer Penang as food's heaven?

As for my taste bud, I have yet to adapt to the Chinese food at my current location.

A few food places in Penang that I miss.


Location: Opposite the Air Itam Market & at Lorong Selamat.

Lorong Selamat's stall have two choice Asam or Lemak.

Thai Food

Bukit Genting, above the hill, nice ambiance and cool air

before you go, please make sure that your car got good ABS.

Dim Sum

few places to name BUT I always make sure they got good pastry for egg-tart.

Location: around Georgetown

Nasi Kandar

Hussein Tejani, even Shafiq love the food there.

Location: opposite Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

Other variety of food that I miss are muar-chee , rojak , curry mee, hokkien mee and a few more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wardrobe malfunction?

Heard Mariah Carey loss the top in germany at a show?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Went Back to Penang

   Last weekend, I went back to Penang.

Had my favourite Char Koay Teow and Steamboat+BBQ .

Still enjoys them as it is worth the money and taste.

Pang-ghi tua-teh which means cheap and big portion.

Char Koay Teow which means fried koay teow in English

As you can see, there are two types, with and without egg

specially for me, no taugeh

Location:   Lrg Selamat, Penang

Hawker:    Old lady wearing cool specs while frying

     At night, me and Aimi went for a buffet dinner

with my good friends. For me, it is something not to be missed

evertime I go back to the island. Reasonable price with wide variety for me.

Looks like everyone is starting!

Just the preliminary round, that's all

Close-up of the cooker (whatever it may be refered as) !

This is what we call heh-kho, looks like baby lobster, but it aint !

Can you the pot allows dual falvor?

Clear soup and tom-yam

The patrons from left:

Ah Phat, Kelly, Ah Wei, myself and Aimi

Price:         RM16 per adult

Location:    near Burmah Rd, Penang

Read more about Penang, click
here !

Pics courtesy of Aimi Sazrin.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Encounter with Miss Counter

I met Marion Counter at One Utama during the roadshow.

Marion in action

Monday, July 04, 2005

Malacca Trip

   Last weekend, me and my collegues went to Malacca trip

inconjuction to celebrate Big Boss Ben's birthday.

The journey was about 2 hours long.

   First meal at Malacca, after much anticipation.

Chicken Rice ball

the rice concept is like the one's the have at Sushi King

I was told we did not go to the right shop, fair enough,

else, it sucks !

   After we check-in the hotel, everyone needs a rest and talk crap

Maria went to her house ,we didn't know that a good cheesecake was on the way, All I knew a cake was on the way but I have no idea what's the flavour.

Vixx + Komathi

Jo is sleeping

see how many guys can go on the bed

   After resting for a few hours,

we decided to walk around, after Maria came back from her home

we eneded up in some area, not that I am aware of but a tourist spot

Jo bought everyone ice cream, Yat Mun rejected. Not wise for a hot day walk.

from left: Jam , Vixx, Komathi, Jo, Maria & Ben

everyone was like having a jog , that's why I can take this pic

All I wanted to do was to be lazy , I can jog in Penang and PJ but not on holiday

me & Vixx

I should b .. a traveller like him !

As we walk , we went to Jonker's Street, Vixx bought a gun

I saw an entrance to Hang Kasturi

some food was delicious was available at Jonker's Street e.g. Popiah

No pics available

as per Yat Mun's request

taken at Sg Melaka

Satay Celup for the first time

the view from the top, does it look tempting enough?

We had a sumptous meal there, cheap i must say,

over-rated? maybe.

it's all the same like lok-lok

Remy, Ben , Yat Mun, Aaron & Jam

Komathi, Aimi, Ah Bald, Maria , Jo and Vixx

my mentor Maria, Ah Bald , my Team Lead Jo & Vixx

Vixx is the King of kerang that night.

As we all know, what a trip be without a drinking session?

Remy & Dev wanted to be bartender, didn't last long.

Ben who is about to cut his birthday cake.

Dev and Tasha at the balcony, posing 1 time

Birthday Boy Ben is the main waiter to distribute the cake

I Have no idea why Jo looked happy.

Yat Mun smoking.. rare sight indeed.

From left: Josephine , Remy

Remy is thinking something naughty,

or is he drunk?

Mojam, his last alchohol was 5 years ago,

do you actually believe that ?

Maria busy cutting the delicious cheesecake.

Vixx & myself.

Komathi & Aimi.

It was about 5 am, we decided to go out and have dim-sum

was a nice meal, cheap too , pics unavailable

   The last day, second day. As planned , nyonya food.

We did not know some b!tch booked 1/2 the place, we had to wait

for an hour for the food to be served to our table.

The waitress rushed us to order what we wanted to have for our meal.

"A hungry man is an angry man" at ole sayang

that's why Ben did not have the mood to take any pic

Never trust Vixx's facial expression

he is pissed off that time

Get to know Malacca, click here !