Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka! (Independence Day)

How many Malaysian knows about how all the races in our country unite and went to fight for our country's independence?

Where ever I may I go or where I am, I am always proud to let people know that I was born and raised on the island!

Do you have the unity band? I know I got Mine :P

T.I.P.: But why the rubber band? it representin' the struggle man

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Snack Of The Day


to go: go to damansara utama dharoos look at the opposite police station

where is damansara utama? uptown la

anyways u know the police station right, in front got a row of shops facing ldp,ok tht row got famous mamak at the corner called dharoos. there is 2 tyre shops one red sign board and 1 blue. go to the blue fella he nicer as won't cheat. can go sunday also as he open up to 3pm. if its just a hole, nail or something. it is RM5 only. he will wash tampal pump and but back nicely for rm5 only

remember: dont drive above 70kph, spare tyre can be re-use

The Hand

This is the hand (not the same as you see in The Addams Family) of ya boy X new found friend.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Carl's Jr

Taste? a OK, nothing to shout about. The pricing is too high, Burger King would be a wiser choice instead.

Saw this at MPH 1U

On Fire at Kajang

I took a pic of these on late Saturday night or shall I say early Sunday morning.

Yesterday was a fun day at Kajang, meet up with K-Town Clan there and my housemate , Ben and his boys there too. This is my second experience to be involve in video shoot. This time this video is for Agniputra feat. K Town Clan - On Fire.

I would like to thank Big Ben and whole Agniputra for their cordial invitation, much apprciated bro. hehe. Shout out to Roshan, for his kind hospitality too but not forgeting the nice flow of beverage that was provided. Kajang satay, over-rated because I found a better thing that is available at Kajang, aint that right Roshan. LOL... Machaz, sad la weiii, no chance to eat the curry biawak :(

later at home after a tiring shooting day at Kajang, saw this:

Why do I rock V Rec stuff? cuz for Excaliber, it's V Rec fo' life baby... NUFF SAID :P

Even at the office

visit also:

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

The 1st time was last Saturday when me a RE went to jalan jalan around, I was more anticipated to try the Oyster Mee sua. I went again yesterday after a tiring day shooting with my boys, Agniputra.The fried chickhen is good too. Pricewise, reasonable to me.