Thursday, June 16, 2011

KARA leaves for ‘Go Go Summer’ promotions in Japan

KARA left for Japan on the 16th to promote their 4th single album, “Go Go Summer“.

Although “Go Go Summer” won’t be released until June 29th, KARA departed to Japan on the 16th to participate on broadcast programs and promote their upcoming single.

An official stated, “KARA plans to focus on Japanese activities to match the release of their new single. They will perform their new song on popular music programs like ‘Asahi TV‘’s ‘Music Station‘ and also meet with the local fans.”

The ‘green light’ is already on for KARA’s upcoming Japanese activities. Their new song “Go Go Summer” is already ranking #1 in pre-sale orders and Tower Records pre-rankings.

“Go Go Summer” is following KARA’s widely popular 3rd single, “Jetcoaster Love“, which was the first song amongst Korean girl groups to reach #1 on the Oricon Weekly charts.

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